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Laser Jammer Comparison Guide

Which is the best laser jamming system?


Radar detectors by themselves are completely worthless in protecting you during a police laser speed trap and because of this you may be considering adding a laser jamming system to your arsenal.

But selecting the best laser jamming system that is right for you may seem a little confusing.

Because of this we created this handy guide.

Database vs. Computer Algorithm

All laser jammers use a database look-up table to identify the type of police laser gun is being shot and to identify the correct jamming sequence to transmit to jam the gun.

This means if the police laser gun is not in the table, its not going to jam.

To develop new programming for these new guns is very labor intensive and expensive. First they have to obtain one of these new guns, then develop a jamming code sequence and then enter it into their database.

This entire process takes months, if not years.

And then another problem, the new random pulse rate guns such as the DragonEye are almost impossible to develop a jamming code sequence for.

However, both AntiLaser and Stinger have solved this problem by using a new technology that enables its system to also use pulse-rate matching patterns.

Because of this the Stinger and AntiLaser are the only two laser jamming systems that can jam these new guns.

Can I Move the Laser Jammer from Car to Car?

One common question we’re asked is if you can move your laser jammer from car to car. Technically yes, however it would be very time consuming, here is why.

Because laser is targeted to the grill area of your car and the narrowness of the beam, the jammer heads need to be installed in this area.

A typical install can take you 60 to 90 minutes.

How Many Laser Jammer Heads Do I Need?

The most common question we’re asked is how many laser jammer heads do I need.

Well the first thing you need to determine is if you want just frontal protection or both frontal and rear protection.

Nationally 95% of all laser ambushes are targeted to the front. However some areas like the Dallas Forth Worth area, police prefer shooting laser to the rear from overpasses.

Then another consideration you need to factor in is the laser jamming system you select.

The AntiLaser Priority system has over 40% better reception and jamming capabilities then the Blinder and Laser Interceptor system, so in some installs you will not need as many heads.

Here is a comparison chart to help you.

Vehicle Type ALP Blinder Stinger
Motorcycle Front Protection 1* 1 NA
Motorcycle Rear Protection 1* 1 NA
Sub Compact Front Protection 2 2 2 2
Sub Compact Rear Protection 2 2 2 2
Mid Size Front Protection 2 2 2 2
Mid Size Rear Protection 2 2 2 2
Sedan Front Protection 2 2 2 2
Sedan Rear Protection 2 2 2 2
Large SUV/Pickup Front Protection 3 4 3 - 4
Large SUV/Pickup Rear Protection 2 2nd System 2 - 3
2nd System
For guaranteed protection against the DragonEye, 2 heads to front would be required on a motorcycle and two to rear.

Programming and Updating

With the Blinder, Laser Interceptor and the Escort Laser ShifterPro you will need to connect your controller to your computer using a USB port and have Internet access to program or update your system.

However with the AntiLaser and the Stinger System, all you need is a computer and a USB flash drive. You log into their website, select your programming and then transfer your programming/update to your flash drive and plug it into your controller.

Ease of Install

A typical install of a laser jamming system will take about 90 minutes and we have a video here demonstrating how you can do your own laser jammer install.

However if you do not feel comfortable doing this install yourself, any reputable automotive stereo installer could do this for you.

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