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How to Install the AntiLaser Priority Laser Jamming System

During this 17-minute video, Radar Roy walks you through the process how to install the AntiLaser Priority Laser jamming system.

Why Radar Detectors are Ineffective in Police Laser Enforcement

A radar detector by itself is pretty much useless in in a police lidar encounter.

This is because the light beam that is emitted from the officer’s gun is only 18” wide at 500 feet and the officer is trained to target the most reflective areas of your car such as your license plate and/or headlights.

And if by chance your detector did go off, it’s too late; the officer has already captured your speed.

What Does a Laser Jammer Do?

Instead of detecting laser, a laser jammer is designed to jam the officers laser gun.

This is done by first detecting the inferred light being transmitted by the laser gun and then transmitting a signal back to the laser gun using the same pulse rate.

As long as the pulse rate is exactly the same as the transmitted signal, the gun is jammed.

The AntiLaser Priority System

What makes the AntiLaser Priority laser jammer unique from all the other laser jammers on the market is that it doesn’t rely on a database look up table. Instead its computer is able to instantly analyze the incoming signal through its internal computer and immediately transmit its own jamming sequence back to the gun.

Because of this the ALP system is able to jam the newer random pulse rate laser guns such as the Dragon Eye.

What is Included with the AntiLaser Priority?

Each AntiLaser system includes one controller that supports up to five heads, a control switch used to power and change modes, an external LED light for concealed mounting, laser jamming head(s), step-by-step install and programming instructions and mounting hardware.

Why Do the Heads Need to Be Installed in the Grill?

When an officer targets your car he is aiming the crosshairs of his laser gun at either your headlights, license plate or other reflective areas of your car.

And because of the narrowness of the beam the laser jammer heads need to be installed in or near these target areas.

How Long Does it Take to Install?

The total installation time of the system of the system featured in this video with Radar Roy took 1-hour.

However each install is different, so times will vary.

How do I Run the Cables Through the Firewall?

Each install is different, but in many cases there are rubber plugs installed on the firewall, which you can remove to run your cable through. Otherwise you may have to drill a small hole.

Another option is the wireless ALP Bluetooth Module that you install in your engine compartment that interfaces with the controller placed under your dash.

Programming Your AntiLaser Priority

When you receive your AntiLaser Priority it is programmed as a parking sensor, with no jamming capabilities.

This is because laser jammers are illegal in many countries and states.

However programming your AntiLaser into a jammer is a snap.

Just login to the AntiLaser website, select their ALP set-up program and follow the steps on how you would like to program your system.

If you live and/or drive in an area where laser jamming is illegal, it’s recommended to program your ALP system to only jam for 4-seconds, then go into parking mode.

Programming it in this fashion provides you time to slow down during a police laser encounter without raising the suspicions of the officer that you’re jamming him.

What is the Warranty of the ALP System?

The AntiLaser Priority has the longest warranty in the industry, offering you a 2-year warranty.

Where Can I Buy the AntiLaser Priority and/or Get More Information?

RadarBusters is a factory authorized reseller of the ALP system, so to get more information and/or to buy one, click here.br/>
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