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How to Install a Laser Jammer and Bel STiR Plus in a Corvette

Do you own a Corvette and want protection against police lidar speed traps?

If you’re an owner of a Vette or any other high performance sports car getting a speeding ticket can be very expensive.

Because of this a client of ours recently came to our office for us to show off his recent install of a Blinder Laser Jamming system and his Beltronics STiR Plus.

I was so impressed with his install that I put together this article to share it with our speed counter measurement community.

Jammer Head and Detector Antenna Placement

The client chose the Blinder Quad system, placing three heads in the front and one above the rear plate.

Front Vet Install
Rear Laser Jammer Install

Prior to placement he cut out a small section on the left and right side of the bottom center black trim bar. He then used 3M double-sided tape to affix each head.

As the client was utilizing the Blinder for both laser jamming and receiving, it wasn’t necessary to have the front of the Bel STIr Plus antenna exposed, therefore it was mounted in the forward position behind the grill area.


The client then ran the cabling of the detector and jammer heads behind the grill and into the engine compartment, then through a slot above the front fender and then fished the cabling to the side passenger door frame and then into the passenger compartment. (note: it was later discovered that it would had been easier to run the cabling through the drivers side door frame as on the bottom there is a tin chrome tab that can be removed to run the cables)


GPS Antenna Placement

Installed on the roof, the client installed the GPS antenna of the Beltronics STiR Remote.

The antenna cable was then slipped under the molding and run to the interface.

GPS Antenna Radar Detector

Blinder HP-905 Interface Placement

The Interface of the Blinder Laser Jammer is also typically placed under the dash, however our client was a retired US Air Force pilot and chose to have the controller mounted on the dash so he could see it while driving.
CPU Blinder

Beltronics STiR Plus Display and Control Module

The client installed the LED display at a forward tilted angle in the ashtray and the controller to the bottom center console.

Beltronics STiR Plus LED

Then just above and to the right of the radio the client installed the hidden bi-color LED display.

Blinder Control Switch

The Blinder Control Switch is an optional install and the customer did choose to install it so he could switch modes on the fly while driving.

This was installed on the bottom left of the dash area.
Switch Blinder

Blinder Laser Jammer Firmware Update

As I was going to test the client’s Blinder system against my arsenal of police lidar guns, I wanted to make sure that his system had the latest firmware installed.
Blinder with Radar Roy

Laser Jammer Test

Radar Roy Laser Jammer TestI tested the client’s Blinder install against a number of my laser guns including the Stalker, LTI and Kustom and all were jam to gun!

Do you want your System Reviewed by Radar Roy?

As a service to our customers you are welcome to schedule an appointment with me so I can inspect and even test your system.

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