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1,226,400 More Speed Tickets in 2015

I’m sure that you have noticed that gas prices are now at a 5-year low and your saving some money at the pump right?

Well did you know that these cheaper gas prices could cost you as much as $4500 over the next five in increased insurance premiums?

With gas prices being lower you will be inclined to travel more, AAA is estimating that there will be an increase 3% increase.

So will this 3% increase in travel, equate to a 3% increase in speeding tickets in 2015?

1 Speeding Ticket = $4500 Increase Insurance Premiums

Speeding Ticket Insurance Costs
The national average according to Insurance.com is a 15% increase on your insurance premiums for the next 5 years.

If so cops will be issuing 1,226,400 more speeding tickets in 2015, that's an increase of 3,360 tickets a day!

This equates to a windfall of over 5 billion dollars in increased revenue for the insurance companies in 2015!

No wonder insurance companies can afford these stupid commercials.

How To Save Time and Money While Traveling

So if you’re really serious about saving some money and time, you may want to consider investing some of that money you’re saving at the pump by purchasing a new radar detector.

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