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Is Your Radar Detector a New Car Detector?

Did you know that most radar detectors being sold today are nothing but new car detectors?

Several years ago car manufactures have been installing collision avoidance devices and soon these devices will become mandatory in all new cars sold in the US.

The problem that these blind spot, adaptive cruise control and parking assist sensors cause is that most of them utilize the same K-band radar frequencies that police use to enforce traffic laws.

Thus most of the radar detectors being sold today have become “new car detectors” and are completely worthless in protecting you against the threat of police radar enforcement.

Escort Radar Responds

Passport Max 360 - Collision Avoidance Sensor False Alert Filtering

Escort have invested over 3-years of their radar detector know how to refine their digital signal processing algorithm, making the Passport Max 360 intelligent enough to block out these types of false alerts, here is how.

As the Max 360 sweeps the for DNA signature of real police radar it is also programmed to identify the DNA signature of the vehicle guidance system sensors.

Armed with this data, the Passport Max 360 is the only detector, which can intelligently separate real threats from a false threats using their new patent DSP technology, so you will not be constantly pestered by annoying false alerts.

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