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The Passport Max/Max2 Split Case Issue

What is the Issue with the Escort Passport Max/Max2 cases splitting apart?

If you have been considering purchasing the Passport Max/Max2 and you’re concerned about the split case and falling off the mount issue discussed on several forums and in reviews, I’ll share with you want has been going on and how Escort has resolved this.

Escort Passport Max Case Broken

First off one of the chief complaints about the Passport Max/Max2 is that it had a tendency to bounce on their sticky cup mount when attached to the windshield.

Then Escort had an issue with a manufacturing defect that caused the cases to split apart earlier this year.

Well Escort has addressed both these issues in a new case design that they have come out with in June of 2015.

The case modification did away with the push button release, replacing it with an internal magnetic mount.

New Escort Passport Max2 Case

If you do have a Passport Max/Max2 that case has split in two, here is what you should do:

  1. Get a copy of your invoice and/or packing slip from the company you purchased your radar detector.
  2. Call Escort Customer Service at 800-964-3138 and speak with a customer service representative.

The customer service rep will then provide you with an RMA number and instructions on how to send your detector in so it can be repaired.

If I Buy a New Passport Max/Max2 Will I Get the Newer Case?

Well that all depends on where you purchase your radar detector.

Many other dealers are liquidating their stock of Escort's old cases on Amazon, eBay and on their websites.

RadarBusters is one of Escort's largest authorized dealers and we receive new stock several times a week.

Because of this we only stock the newest and be assured that your Passport Max/Max2 will include the newer case.

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