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Can Your Laser Jammer Jam the Latest “Unjammable” Laser Guns?

Police Laser GunOver the past 15 years jamming a police laser gun was a fairly easy task for most laser jammers.

All they had to do was purchase police lidar guns from the manufacturer, connect them to their scope and then add an algorithm--to cancel out the laser pulse rates--to their database look up table.

An early laser jammer manufacturer, called Blinder, currently holds the patent on this technology and has since come to a royalty arrangement with the other laser jammer manufacturers of the day—most notably Laser Interceptor and Escort/Beltronics.

Laser enforcement cotinues to become more popular by police agencies as for speed enforcement and the laser gun manufactures have become much more aggressive in developing new technology to beat laser jammers.

To do this several manufacturers have begun incorporating variable and random pulses rates into their firmware and have substantially improved their optics. The result is that these new guns are absolutely lethal.

We have also discovered that most of these lidar gun manufacturers have been purchasing the latest versions of laser jammers on a regular basis to revise their firmware to defeat them.

And guess what happens once their firmware gets compromised?

Because they have purchased the latest laser jammers and subscribe to the email list announcing the updates, they simply go online download the latest updates into their jammer, program a new algorithm for their laser gun(s) and blast out an email to their customers.

So now the cat and mouse game continues, on steroids!

So which gun manufacturers are taking laser jammer use seriously?

Dragon Eye Police Lidar Gun

Dragon Eye Laser GunTwo of the newest police laser guns that have been causing a lot of ruckus in our speed counter measurement community are the Dragon Eye/Laser Alley Speed Lidar and Compact police lasers.

This gun is the brainchild of Scott Patterson who has a long history of developing police lidar--working with Kustom Signals and other companies.

Scott’s goal is simple, to develop inexpensive but very high quality police laser guns that can defeat all laser-jamming devices, such as the Blinder, Laser Interceptor, Escort/Beltronics LaserShifter Pro (a repackaged Laser Interceptor), and Anti Laser.

Because my sources are both in the traffic enforcement and speed counter measurement community, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how they have been able to accomplish this.

I’ve discovered that they’re currently as many as 12 different versions of Dragon Eye software and the firmware version that is displayed when the system boots up is not always reported on the laser guns, making it very difficult for the jammer companies to know if there has been a revision.

Because of this the only way to know for sure what version firmware is installed on each gun is to scope it in an attempt to determine the actual pulse rates whether they be fixed, variable--or most challenging--random.

Now for our Laser Jammer shoot-out that we held in July, we were able to source two different Dragon Eye Compacts and the Blinder was able to jam both of them.

Fortunately Blinder has broken the code on several Dragon Eyes recently and their revised database lookup table should be forthcoming.

But that is not the end of the story. Not by a long shot!

Does this mean that it can jam the other 9?

Apparently not, as an independent testing group has tested the Blinder HP-905 and Laser Interceptor (LaserShifter Pro) and found that they have not.

And when they don’t the jammers they typically don’t alert the driver that they are being targeted and an instant-punch through occurs yielding the speed to the officer in a blink of an eye.

It’s as if the driver has no jammer at all. This is really scary!

How Popular is the Dragon Eye Laser Gun?

Currently I know of police departments using them in Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Delaware.

But this list is not a complete one and Dragon Eye is being quite careful in publishing which states or municipalities. Our sources indicated the state of New Jersey is currently evaluating them and there are others as well.

TrueSpeed SX & SXR

Next up in the unjammable laser gun category is the new TruSpeed SX and TruSpeed SXR, manufactured by Laser Technology or LTI for short.

What I have learned about this gun so far is that it utilizes random pulse rate algorithm making it nearly impossible for any past or currently manufactured laser jammer to detect and/or jam, just like the Dragon Eyes!

Stalker XLR

Stalker Laser GunStalkers have generally proven to be difficult to jam, even though their pulse rates have been historically fixed pulse-rate guns. But they have also gotten very serious about defeating the latest jammer.

The XLR is an absolute beast with some laser jammers. It slices through the Escort LaserShifter Pro instantly!

The other manufacturers have been more successful at effectively jamming the currently tested firmware of the Stalker. But it is our understanding they are not standing still, as the lidar manufacturers have been competing on which ones are being the most effective at defeating all jammers past and present.

Like the other laser guns, their prices have been falling as well as they produce and sell more of them and reducing their construction costs through an economies of scale.

Growing Popularity of Police Lidar

Furthermore, because these lidar gun manufactures are marketing the aspect that radar detectors are completely worthless at this type of technology.

Because of this we will be seeing a growing trend with police departments investing more of their budget into police laser. We understand yet another lidar gun manufacturer will be getting in the game of producing unjammable guns. That company is Kustom Signals. We expect to see something on the horizon pretty soon.

(Note: this isn’t particularly true because we have determined that the Valentine V1, new Escort Redline and Passport, as well as the top-end detectors from Whistler are doing an effective job at alerting to them.)

Will the Laser Jammer Look-Up Table Die?

It’s evident to me that as the popularity of these “unjammable” guns grow in popularity, the only way the laser jammer manufactures will survive is to develop technology that does not rely on the database look-up tables that they have historically utilized.

New-generation laser jammers must become “smart,” able to sense a variable/randoms pulse rates on the fly and then transmit back the appropriate variable pulse rates to jam.

A New Kid on the Block?

A new laser jamming product from Croatia has begun its appearance in North America, claiming to be most effective against these new laser guns.

Although Blinder is prepping with their legal team to file suit, claiming that their product is patent infringing, sources have recently shared with me that the manufacturer has a patent pending for its pulse patterns that does not rely on look-up tables as does Blinder.

The fact that they are the only ones that are capable of jamming the vast majority of these new “unjammable” guns entering the market including the newer variable/random pulse rate guns, we tend to agree that they must be doing something differently than all of the other laser jammers which are not able to do so.

We are planning on doing a full review of their products shortly on our Radarbusters site. We’ll keep you posted on that front.

Adding Laser Veil to your Arsenal

Veil Stealth CoatingThankfully as these new “unjammable” begin entering the market, there is a solution to lower your risk of getting a speeding ticket called the Veil stealth coating.

The Veil Stealth Coating is applied to your headlights, taillights, fog lights, front and rear license plates, that effectively absorbs the infra-red light beam from a police lidar gun. Because does not rely on destructive interference as do the laser jammers, it is capable of absorbing all of the different pulse rates: fixed, variable, and random.

Because of this the officer will have a harder time to obtain a reading from his lidar gun, even if your jammer proves ineffective, Veil will still buy enough you time to slow down.

Drivers should own one of the aforementioned radar detectors, so they can react to their detector’s laser warning.

Veil is not a jam-to-gun solution (JTG), but there are times that it can (as evidenced in the latest RALETC laser jammer test), depending on the color and shape of your vehicle (darker colors are generally better than lighter ones such as white or metallic silver.

By using Veil in conjunction with a good jammer, you will have a defense-in-depth approach; a technique used by the U.S. military on their stealth fighter planes.

This will be your best option to remain ticket free when encountering the latest police lasers out there.

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