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How to Program your Escort Passport Radar Detector

If you already own a radar detector you know how annoying k-band false alerts are becoming.

This is due in large part by the adaptive cruise control and blind spot sensors the car manufactures have been installing in new cars today as these sensors operate on the same K-band frequency police use.

And as more and more these newer cars hit the road this problem is going to get a lot worse.

Because of this issue Escort recently came out with a new Digital Signal Processing algorithm, which in effect looks for the DNA profile of real police radar while filtering out many of these false alerts caused by these sensors.

Escort has then integrated this new DSP technology into their three newest radar detectors, the Passport, the Passport Max and the Passport Max2.

Now during this video we will share with you how to properly configure your Escort Passport radar detector so you can take advantage of this filtering, along with increasing its performance by Ka-Band segmentation.

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