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Radar Detector Driving Tip #1

Do you have a "Rabbit" with you when you're driving over the speed limit?

During this 1-minute video you’ll discover the importance of always having a rabbit in front of you to avoid getting an expensive speeding ticket by an officer who is using instant on radar.

A rabbit is described as someone that is driving slightly faster or at the same speed you are that is at least a half-mile in front of you as demonstrated in this video.

As we round a curve you’ll notice that both our STiR Plus remote mounted radar detector and our Passport Max2 alert at exactly the same time to Ka-band then a few seconds later both detectors stop alerting.

This type of alert is indicative to an officer using instant on radar, meaning that the officer is only activating his radar gun when he has a target vehicle he suspects is speeding is within range.

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