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Are false alerts from your radar detector driving you nuts?

If it is here is why.

New car manufactures have been installing adaptive cruise control sensors into their cars that operate on the same band police use, K-Band.

Because of this most of the radar detectors out there are unable to filter these out.

This was noted during a recent review of the Valentine One and the Max radar detector by Car and Driver magazine.

Here is their comment regarding the Valentine One:

One annoyance is incessant false alarms—the Valentine’s filtering isn’t very effective. On our 22-mile loop, the V1 called out 53 threats

Think about that for a moment, that’s over 2 false alerts per mile with a V1!

Now here is their comment regarding the Max2’s ability to filter out these annoying false alerts.

The Passport’s near elimination of false alarms provides a higher level of real-world protection. It’s user-friendly for a first-time buyer but powerful enough for the most hard-core user.

Why the Difference?

What the engineers over at Escort have integrated technology developed by NASA to communicate with probes in deep space called digital signal processing.

This DSP technology targets the DNA signature of a real police threat, while filtering out all the background noise.

The result is a owning a detector you can count on to provide you with the protection you need, while not having to distinguish a real alert from a false alert.

TSR Filtering

Another feature included on the newer Escort and Beltronics radar detectors is a feature called TSR filtering.

By enabling this feature it blocks all short bursts of K-band radar, effectively blocking out those traffic flow sensors that also operate on K-band to monitor traffic flow on highways, and the adaptive cruise control sensors found in most new cars and trucks.

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