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Instant On Radar Detector Test & Review

During this video you’ll witness the instant on radar performance of new Cobra DSP 9200 BT, the new Radenso Pro, the Passport Max2 and the Escort Redline.

All four of these detectors are priced above $399 and each offer their own unique features.

The Cobra DSP 9200 BT is the most advanced Cobra detector ever made and it's also their first radar detector to use digital signal processing and one of its special features is that it also includes a free subscription to their iRadar social app. The Cobra DSP retail price is 399.

Next we have a new comer to the US market with the Radenso Pro, which was designed in Germany. The Radenso Pro is a GPS enabled radar detector that will alert you to fixed photo enforcement cameras in advance. The Radenso Pros retail price is also 399.

Then next we have the Escort Redline, which today is rated as the #1 radar detector for highway use and is stealth to all radar detector detectors including the Spectre RDD. The retail price of the Redline is $549.

Then we also have the Passport Max2, which we rate as the #1 highway and city radar detector because of its superior range and sensitivity, having an internal GPS and connectivity to the Escort Live community. The retail price of the Max2 is $599.

This test was done on the Carefree Highway outside of Morristown Arizona on a straight and relatively flat stretch of road.

The radar guns used during this test were a K-band Decatur Genesis VIP, Ka-band Stalker ATR and a Ka-band MPH Enforcer and during this test a short, 4-second blast of radar was transmitted to simulate an instant on encounter.

Each detector tested during this test was set to highway mode with TSR filtering off.

Instant On Radar 2.25 Miles

Decatur K-band MPH Ka-band Stalker Ka-Band
Cobra DSP 9200 BT No Detection No Detection No Detection
Radenso Pro No Detection No Detection No Detection
Escort Redline No Detection Detection Detection
Passport Max2 No Detection Detection Detection

Instant On Radar 2 Miles

Decatur K-band MPH Ka-band Stalker Ka-Band
Cobra DSP 9200 BT Detection Detection Detection
Radenso Pro Detection Detection Detection
Escort Redline Detection Detection Detection
Passport Max2 Detection Detection Detection

The results of this test show that the instant on Ka-Band protection provided by both the Passport Max2 and the REDLiNE are superior to that of the Cobra DSP 9200 DSP and the Radenso Pro, however that the K-band instant on protection is equal on all four radar detectors.

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