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Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Primer

Yesterday there were 112,000 people in the US cited for speeding!

Traffic enforcement is no longer about reducing accidents; it’s about cities and states increasing revenue by writing you a speeding ticket.

And as technology has improved significantly the last several years, that radar detector you purchased just two or three years ago may not provide you the protection you need to defend yourself.

Because of this the Hulu Network teamed up with Radar Roy for this 6-minute radar detector and laser jammer primer, which aired on their network and on the Speed Channel.

During this six minute segment Craig Jackson tests and reviews several of the products featured on Roy’s website, RadarBusters.com.

“There is no sound worse then hearing the siren and knowing that the man is coming to get you and brace yourself because you know what’s coming next.”

Expect an Increase in Your Insurance Costs

Insurance Rate IncreaseYour fine is only a fraction of what one ticket is going to cost you in lost income.

Because your insurance rates will skyrocket!

The national average is an increase of $3500 to $4500 over the next 5-years.

In fact insurance companies are funding the purchasing of new radar and laser guns for many police departments across the nation!

All About About Radar Detectors

The first thing is to have a basic understanding of the technology that you’re up against.

Police monitor traffic primarily by two devices; laser guns and radar guns.

Police Radar Technology

Police Laser GunPolice radar technology has been around much longer and is still more widely used, accounting for 80% of the speed enforcement equipment in use today by law enforcement.

The limitations of radar is that it throws out a very wide beam, which is 67 feet wide at a distance of 500 feet.

Because of this police radar enforcement does not work well in heavy traffic.

Police Laser Technology

Police laser enforcement works well in any situation, but excel in heavy traffic as the beam is only 18” wide at 500 feet and is able to target specific vehicles.

Speed Counter Measurement Equipment

Radar Detectors

Your first level of protection is a good radar detector, which will alert you to a police radar gun.

Pricing for a good radar detector, categorized as a 3-start detector, start out at $300 and go up from there.

The advantage of having a good radar detector is that you will have 4 times the capture distance of a police radar gun, giving you ample time to slow down.

The higher priced models also include GPS technology enabling your detector to filter out those pesky false alerts, warns you in advance of fixed photo enforcement cameras and automatically adjusts its sensitivity for highway and city driving.

Laser Jamming Devices

Your second level of protection is having a laser-jamming device.

As police aim the beam of their laser gun at the most reflective areas of your car, they will typically aim for your license plate and/or headlights.

And as the beam of the laser gun is only 18” wide, chances are your detector will never alert you and if it does, it’s too late, the officer has already captured your speed.

Because of this you would need to equip your car with a laser-jamming device to foil this type of technology.

Nationally, officers shooting the front of approaching vehicles account for 95% of laser enforcement citations.

Therefore to be protected in these types of ambushes, your laser jamming heads will need to be installed in the grill area of your vehicle for them to be effective.

If you don’t like to gamble and want rear protection too, you would then need to install 1 or 2 additional heads to the rear of your car.

Putting the Equipment to the Test

Police Laser TicketDuring this test featured in this video, Radar Roy’s car was equipped with a dual head Blinder Laser jamming system in the bumper area of the car and Roy shot the vehicle with a Kustom Signal ProLite laser gun.

As Craig approaches Roy’s position you can hear the Blinder Laser jamming system activate.

During this test, which was recorded and overseen by the Hulu TV film crew and an trooper from the Washington State Police, Radar Roy’s car was able to foil the laser gun.

Testing Overview

The final result as demonstrated in this TV segment is that to have 100% protection you would need both a radar detector and a laser jammer.

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Laws

We have a more in depth overview of the laws in the US and Canada in regard to radar detection and laser jamming.

But to summarize radar detectors are legal in passenger cars in all 50 states with the exception of Virginia and Washington DC.

And laser jamming devices are illegal in the states of: California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington D.C.

How to Select the Best Detector and Use it Properly

We have several help guides on our website in our news section that will help you select the best radar detector for your budget and how to use your radar detector properly.

How to Install and Properly Use a Laser Jammer

Also in our help guides area we have a video and article on How to Install and Use Your Laser Jammer Properly.

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