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What’s Band Segmentation and What Are the Benefits?

If you have visited one of my competitor's websites you may have noticed that he is selling a radar detector called the Redline XR, which he claims is “custom programmed.”

Well, this custom program, which he charges you an extra $100 for, is actually segmenting the Ka band sweep and will only take a minute to do, seconds if you have your detector connected to Escort Live.

Escort Redline XRDuring this 5-Minute video, you will discover the secrets of transforming an Escort REDLiNE into the REDLiNE XR

Which Detectors Can Be Segmented?

Currently there are three radar detectors that you can segment, the Escort Redline, the Beltronics STiR Plus and the Passport.

Ka Band Segmentation

If you look in your detector manual you’ll see that by default your radar detector is programmed to scan the entire Ka radar band from 34.700 to 36.0 GHz.

Now, this is a pretty large swath of real estate for a detector to scan, which slows it down and increases the possibility of false alerts.

As a result, in several of their radar detector's Escort now enables you to select the frequencies you want your detector to scan through a process called band segmentation.

By enabling this feature, your radar detector will have increased sensitivity and fewer false alerts.

The best way to determine which bands you should segment is to operate your detector in Spec Display for a few weeks noting the exact frequencies of Ka radar in your area, to avoid blocking out any older police radar guns.

Common Ka Band Police Radar Frequencies

By segmenting your radar detector you’re enabling it to focus only on the frequencies you select and the three most commonly used within the USA are:

• MPH Industries: 33.8 GHz
• Applied Concepts: 34.7 GHz
• Kustom Signals, Decatur & McCoy: 35.5 GHz

Recommended Ka Band Segmentation Settings

There are two methods you can use to segment your detector: the first is done manually, by going into the advanced programming menu option of your detector, the second, which is the fastest and easiest way, can be accomplished by interfacing your detector to your smart phone with the Escort Live application.

Based upon the listings of the most commonly used Ka frequencies used in the US, your settings would be:

• Ka2: 33.704 to 33.896 (33.8 turned on)
• Ka5: 34.592 to 34.808 (34.7 turned on)
• Ka8: 34.378 to 35.618 (35.5 turned on)

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