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How to make Radar Detector Suction Cups Suck

Radar Detector Suction CupsHow would you feel locked up in a car with the windows closed with the outside temperature hovering over 105 and your trying to hang on to a piece of glass baking in the sun?

Well this is exactly how your windshield mount feels.

Remove your Suction Cups During Extreme Temperatures

Not only is this a good practice to extend the life expectancy of your mount, it will also extend the life of your detector and here is why.

Today’s radar detectors can best described as mini computers and when they get too hot they fail.

You’re also less apt to have some crack head break into your car and steal your $600 windshield mounted radar detector by placing under the seat or in the glove box.

Clean Your Windshield and Your Cups Regularly

Make sure that both your windshield and the inside of your suction cups are clean and dry.

When you remove your mount, or if it has fallen, you may notice some suction cup rings on your windshield.

Use some rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner to clean the area and be sure to remove all the gung from inside your suction cups.

Tip - keep a clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol pads in your car.

Moisten Your Cups Regularly

I prefer using a small dab of Petroleum Jelly occasionally to moisten and lubricate the suction cups.

Also when applying your cups to your windshield use clean distilled water and not saliva (spit) which contain enzymes that can degrade your suction cups.

Ditch the Cups – Get a BlendMount

Seem like too much work to get some extra life from your windshield mount?

Then consider upgrading to one of our BlendMount mirror mounts.

Do you have any Suction Cup Tips?

Do you have any suction cups tips that you would like to share with our community?

If you do please post them in the comment area below:

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