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Review of the Beltronics RX65

Beltronics RX65 ReviewBack in 2007 the Beltronics RX65 was one of the best radar detectors ever made and I rated it as such.

However things change and I no longer recommend it and here is why.

The RX65 was based on the older Escort S7 antenna and in 2009 Beltronics introduced the Bel Pro 300 series detector to replace the RX65.

So basically all the RX65’s you see being sold online today are either used or refurbished.

Tons of False Alerts!

One of the biggest reasons you should not consider purchasing a Bel RX65 is because of the adaptive cruise control sensors that are being installed on new cars today.

These sensors operate on K band and the RX65 does not have the ability to filter these out.

This basically means that your RX65 will be constantly alerting to these sensors and you’ll have no way to distinguish a real alert from a false alert.

Digital Police Radar Guns

Another thing you should take into consideration are the newer digital police K and Ka radar guns that police departments are now using.

These guns use much less power and are very difficult, if not impossible for the older S7 antenna to detect.

Is the RX65 a Waste of Money?

When you factor in that one ticket from one of these new radar guns, it can increase your insurance premiums as much as $4500 over the next 5-years.

So wouldn't you agree that a few hundred dollars invested into a newer detector would be a better investment then some antiquated detector?

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