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ALF Technology CS-56 Laser Jammer Review

ALP Laser JammerIf you’re shopping around for a laser jamming system for your car or truck you maybe taken back their high prices.

As an example an AntiLaser Priority can set you back $749. for a 2-head system and a Blinder HP-905 dual will set you back $599.

Because of this you maybe tempted purchase a less expensive jammer you may find listed on an auction website or from another website selling cheaper jammers.

But before you do I recommend that you read this article to understand the risks.

Why Are Laser Jammers So Expensive?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “why are laser jammers so expensive?

Well it comes down to this, research and firmware development.

You see each time a new police laser gun comes out the laser jammer manufactures need to obtain one of these guns to identify the pulse rate and to make matters worse police laser gun manufactures have started to program what are called random pulse rate algorithms into their laser guns to defeat laser jammers.

ALF CS-56 Laser Jammer Review

We recently obtained a new CS-56 Laser Diode wireless laser jammer which is manufactured in Taiwan, from one of our clients to test.

Installation of the ALF Laser Jammer

The ALF CS-56 system contains:

  • Two laser jammer transceiver heads
  • A laser jammer computer interface which mounts under the hood
  • In car wireless control module that plugs into the lighter
  • Mounting brackets, level, zip ties and mounting tape
ALP Laser Jammer Heads

The first step is the installation is mounting the two-laser jammer transceiver heads and leveling them. For this we used 3M double-sided tape, leveled the heads using a bubble leveler and ran the two cables through the grill and plugged them into the computer interface.

ALP Laser Jammer Computer

Next we then attached the computer interface power cable to the battery.

ALP Controller

Then last we plugged in the wireless control module into the cigarette lighter.

Total install time, 15-minutes!

ALF CS-56 Laser Jammer Alert System

On top of the wireless controller are two buttons, a power button and a brightness button for the LED readout and inside the controller is a speaker that will beep when the jammer is activated.

Even at its brightest level the sun washed out the red LED read out making it impossible to view and the audio alert volume was very low, making it difficult to hear if you have the radio on.

ALF CS-56 Laser Jamming Test

Laser Jammer Test Radar Roy
We tested the ALF CS-56 laser jammer against the older laser guns in our arsenal using the LTI 20/20 the Kustom ProLite and the Laser Atlanta and in each of these tests the laser jammer indicated it activated, however we were able to lock on to the target vehicle at distances of 800 to 650 feet.

As far as the more newer more, complex laser guns such as the DragonEye or the TrueSpeed S the CS-56 will not alert to them nor will it jam them.

Final Thoughts

The ALF system has a lot of potential if they could address a couple concerns, the most notable is being the poor display of the LED readout and the low volume.

The second is improving the laser jamming performance of the system itself.

During our test the Stalker did on one run capture the speed at over 1300 feet.

The two biggest advantages we observed during our review was how easy it was to install (even though the unit we received came with no install instructions) and the low price.

Two instances were I would recommend using the ALF system is perhaps using it on a weekend get away, installing it on a rental car as you're afforded a system that you could quickly install and remove, or outside of the USA where the newer complex laser guns are not in use.

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