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Fake or Real?

Is getting that cheap price you get on Amazon or eBay really worth it?

I’m sure that when you’re shopping around for a product that one of your first considerations is price. However when you solely make your buying decision based on price alone, you may find that you’re also supporting Chinese gangs and organized crime.

Beltronics WarrantyIf you go to the Alibaba website right now and type in Escort radar detectors, you’ll see a ton of listings from Chinese companies selling counterfeit and/or re-manufactured Escort radar detectors.

Unscrupulous resellers buy these radar detectors by the container load and then resell them on Amazon and eBay as the real deal.

The problem has gotten so bad that Escort has a page on their website listing just a fraction of these resellers they have identified.

Because of this Escort, Beltronics and Blinder have instituted a policy stating that if you purchase your product from an unauthorized dealer, you will have no warranty, nor will you be able to download firmware updates for your product.

To help you determine if the dealer you’re purchasing your Escort detector from is authorized click here.

And if you go to this page on Escort’s website you will see our company RadarBusters listed as an authorized dealer.

RadarBusters' Promise

  1. RadarBusters is an authorized dealer for all the products we list on our website and NONE of them have been re-manufactured nor are they counterfeit.
  2. After becoming a member of our VIP Club and receive your special discount code(s), If you find any authorized dealer or manufacture selling the same product on their website or on Amazon/eBay email us the link and Radar Busters will in many instances be able to match their price and in some cases even beat it!

About Radar Busters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

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