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Rocky Mountain Radar Review

“Show me a Rocky Mountain Radar Scrambler that works and I’ll pay you $50,000” – Radar Roy 2004

Radar Roy is so sure that none of Rocky Mountain Radar Detectors/Scramblers work that he personally issued this challenge to Rocky Mountain at the 2004 SEMA convention in 2004 and they turned him down.


Because they don’t work as they advertise.

History of Rocky Mountain Radar

Michael Churchman then working out of his Denver area home, founded Rocky Mountain Radar in 1992, promoting himself as a former electronic warfare designer from Texas Instruments.

His first product was called the Spirit claiming that it was able to jam X, K and Ka radar by simply reflecting the police radar signal back to an officers gun, mixing in some white noise.

Shortly after this Automobile Magazine published a story titled “The Little Jammer That Didn’t” which basically debunked Churchman’s claims that his jammers were effective.

Radar Roy vs. Michael Churchman

Shortly after the launch of the RadarBusters website back in 1996, Radar Roy obtained a RMR Phazer radar scrambler for testing.

After it failed miserably, Roy phoned RMR’s new corporate office in El Paso and expressed his concerns with Michael Churchman himself.

Michael explained to Roy that he felt that his testing mythology was flawed, because the jammer was designed to jam police radar while a vehicle was approaching an officer using police radar from miles away.

Roy explained to Mike that he was a certified police radar instructor and trained hundreds of police officers in the proper targeting of vehicles with radar, and that a police radar gun couldn’t target a vehicle “miles away” as he suggested.

Then in 2004, Roy personally issued his challenge to Mike in Las Vegas, prove to me that you’re scrambler works, and I’ll pay you $50,000.
Mike’s response “I don’t need to prove it works to anyone, I know that it works and that’s good enough for me.

National News Media Exposes Rocky Mountain Radar as a Fraud

Because of the publicity generated by Radar Roy’s $50,000 reward other national news outlets did their own investigations on Michael Churchman and his company Rocky Mountain Radar such as:

20/20 Investigation – Completely useless at jamming police radar.

Extra Investigation – RMR products were ineffective against any police radar.

American Journal Investigation – Failed at having any effect in jamming police radar.

CBS Good Morning - Totally useless in jamming radar.

Radar Roy’s $50,000 Reward Still Stands!

Still not convinced, then take Radar Roy up on his $50,000 challenge!

Prove to him that any Passive Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer works as they advertise Roy will give you $50,000!

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