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Speed Trap Alerts with Max2 and Escort Live

Did you know that you can now get “bear in the air” and other speed trap warning alerts with Escort Live?

Yesterday, while driving out to the CES convention in Las Vegas on I-15, my Passport Max2 began alerting to something I never seen before, an Air Patrol alert and then a few moments later a string of police spotted alerts began popping up.

And sure enough when I approached the police spotted location there was a motor officer waving down a car in front of me over, for what I suspect was a speeding ticket.

Being an avid Escort Live user, I understood that another Escort Live user entered the police spotted alert into the Escort Live cloud, but how did Escort Live know about the bear in the air?

So when I arrived at the Escort booth I sought out Tim Coomer, the VP of product development for an answer.

New Escort Live Speed Trap Alerts

Tim’s first comment to me was priceless by saying “well that goes to prove that our new radar detectors are nothing like your father old radar detectors.”

Over the past three years with Escort Live we amassed this huge database of police spotted, radar and laser alerts and we recently analyzed all of this data.

And what we discovered that there were a high number of areas though out North America that would qualify as common speed trap locations, one of which was a air patrol hot spot.

How to Activate Air Patrol and Speed Trap Alerts

In the video on the top of this page I go into more detail, but here is how you activate Air Patrol and select the settings you would want for speed trap alerts using the Escort Live interface.

First make sure that your smart phone and detector are paired, turn on and press on the settings icon on the bottom left of your screen.

Then press the alert button and listed will be the various Escort Live alert settings.

To activate Air Patrol, click on that button, activate it and select the distance you would want to be notified and the sound.
Next we have the Speed Trap settings, so go back to the alert settings screen and press speed traps.

On the bottom of this menu screen there is an additional menu item labeled Alert Level.

Click on that and here you can choose the alert.

High means that you would want to be alerted of all speed trap locations that have a high risk of being a speed trap location, medium for medium size risk and low means that you’ll be alerted of all the speed trap locations entered into the Escort Live cloud.

If you’re traveling in an area that you may not be familiar with, you may want to consider choosing low, so you would be warned of any location entered into the Escort Live cloud.

However if this is a route you’re familiar with, you may want to set it to high, or even consider turning it off all together, the choice is yours.

Next Level of Escort Live Speed Trap Alerts

Tim also shared where Escort is taking Escort Live in their commitment to protect you from getting an expensive speeding ticket and that is to further segment the data based upon the day of the week and/or year.

Example, the Arizona Highway Patrol sets up a yearly air patrol enforcement detail every Forth of July on US 93 north of Wickenburg Arizona.

Because of the history based on this location Escort can program Escort Live to show this alert every Forth of July.

Not Like Your Father’s Radar Detector

Tim was right, Escort’s new line of radar detectors is “nothing like my fathers radar detector”, heck it’s unlike any radar detector you may had purchased several months ago!

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