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How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket by VASCAR

Did you know that an officer could use a stopwatch or even his smart phone to clock your speed?

Before the first police radar gun that came out back in 1949, police used a mathematical formula called the Constant Velocity Formula to issue speeding tickets.

Basically an officer uses a stop watch or some other timing device to measure the time it takes your vehicle to travel a known distance from point a to point b.

Then in 1996 a device called VASCAR was developed which enabled police to do this timed speed enforcement even from a moving patrol vehicle.

The acronym VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder.

However since its interception the term VASCAR is commonly used to describe any type of time measured speed enforcement.

For an officer to do this type of speed enforcement, he needs 4 things:

  1. A timing device
  2. A stretch of roadway that has been marked out and measured
  3. A computer, or a printout with the constant velocity formula already calculated for this location
  4. A location for the officer to observe this marked location

The simplest timing device is a stopwatch and today there are several smart phone apps that an officer can use too.


Most of these VASCAR speed trap locations are frequently used by police and because many of these locations have been entered into Escort LIVE database as speed trap and aircraft enforcement areas.

Therefore if you have a radar detector such as the Escort Passport Max2 or the Escort Passport, which is Escort Live equipped, you will be alerted before you enter into one of these zones.

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