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The Street Bike Magazine Stealth Challenge

Can Radar Roy's stealthed-out high performance sport motorcycle beat law enforcement's attempt to electronically capture it?

Speed Measurement Labs and Radar Roy went head to head to find out and Super Street Bike magazine covered the results.

SML provided state-of-the art radar/laser guns and the certified police officers to operate them.

Super Street Bike magazine contacted one of their subscribers in the El Paso area, Frank Whisler, who agreed to participate in the event by allowing me to install the equipment for the test on his Yamaha R1.

The evening prior to the testing, my staff and I arrived at Frank's home in El Paso to perform the install.

Speed Countermeasure Equipment

To ensure SML was properly challenged, I installed the following countermeasure products on Frank Whisler's Yamaha R-1. (Whisler, a lucky guy from El Paso, got to keep all installed countermeasure products in exchange for the use of his bike).

  • Escort 8500 x50 Radar Detector
  • Blinder Laser Jammer
  • Techmount Stem Radar Detector Mount
  • H.A.R.D. System – Heads Up LED

Blinder Laser Jammer Install

My staff and I began the project by first installing a dual head Blinder laser jammer.

As a laser beam is 18" wide at 500 feet, one jammer to the front, near the R1's headlamp, and one laser jammer head in the rear, near the license plate, would be adequate to jam all police laser guns.

The rear head was installed first by installing it above the rear plate, under the rear fender.

The front Blinder jammer head was installed under the front faring using 3M double-sided tape.

The controller for the Blinder must be installed in a water proof area.

The Blinder jammer heads, the power cable, the alert LED and Speaker all plug into the controller using standard RJ-11 jacks. (telephone jack).

Therefore, it was determined that the best location for the controller would be under the seat.

The install of the Blinder on the R1 motorcycle took approximately two hours.

Escort 8500 X-50 Install

The Escort 8500- X50 radar detector was then installed.

A Techmount radar detector stem mount was used to mount the Escort 8500 X50.

This mount slides into the stem hole found on many sport bikes.

The radar detector is held in place by placing industrial Velcro (supplied) on the mount and detector.

A direct wire cord was then tapped into the accessory power cable on the R1.

This allows power to the detector while the motorcycle is operating, and turns off power when the motorcycle is turned off.

The Escort 8500 X-50 was then placed onto the mount, plugged in and powered up.

Total install time, 15 minutes.

H.A.R.D. System Install

As it is often difficult to hear and/or see you radar detector when it is activated on a motorcycle, I choose to provide the rider with the Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. system.

The H.A.R.D. is a two part wireless system.

The transmitter connects directly to the radar detectors power port, and the power cable then plugs into the H.A.R.D. transmitter.

The receiver then mounts inside the helmet.
H.A.R.D. Receiver


This heads up display the alerts the rider, with a bright LED light, that the radar detector is activated. The transmitter was Velcroed to the side of the Escort 8500 X50.

The receiver was mounted to the outside of the helmet using Velcro, and the LED cable was placed inside of the helmet behind the visor.

Total install time: three minutes

The Test

To eliminate any hint of bias, certified police officers operated the radar and laser guns as they do when they issue speeding tickets.

And the Winner is...

Proving once again why Escort makes the top rated radar detectors, the Escort 8500 X50 detected radar on all bands, including the new POP radar at a distance of over 4 miles away.

This outstanding range gives any sport rider ample time to slow down!

The Blinder laser jammer successfully jammed the laser guns, which made the Yamaha R-1 virtually invisible to this type of police traffic enforcement.

Quality Countermeasures Work!

"If you want to make sure you aren't pulled over, you should observe the laws of the jurisdiction you are driving in." If you choose to exceed speed limits, and want to minimize the chance of being ticketed, "you MUST equip your vehicle with the best countermeasure devices available, anything less is ineffective." - Radar Roy, Super Street Bike Challenge

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