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Radar Roy's VEiL G5 Review & Stealth Coating Test

Updated: 12-24-16

On November 11th Robert, (aka the VEiL Guy) and his brother Christopher came out to our home and offices to have us do a test and a review of his new VEiL G5 Stealth Coating (now Veil G5.10).

Ted, who is a member of our speed counter measurement community as well as being an automotive enthusiast, also joined us.

For our review we had two C7 Corvettes, one red and one black to demonstrate how even the color of your car can make a difference in laser enforcement, the lighter the car, the easier it is for an officer to shoot.

In this video you’ll discover:

• How to apply the VEiL G5.10 Stealth Coating on your car
• The effectiveness of the VEiL G5 Stealth Coating against police Laser
• How the VEiL G5.10 can also prevent photo enforcement tickets

If you have any comments and/or questions about the VEiL G5 or new Veil G5.10 product please post it in the comment area below:

Buy the new & improved VEiL G5.10 Stealth Coating Here

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