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How to Mount a Cell Phone or GPS on a Yamaha FJR 1300 Motorcycle

During this 2-minute video, you'll discover how easy it is to mount your Cell Phone or GPS to your Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Motorcycle Cell Phone or GPS Mount

During this 2-minute video you’ll discover how easy it is to install your cell phone, GPS, radar detector or any other personal device to your FJR using our Techmount FJR Stem mount.

Our Techmount motorcycle mounts are crafted using aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Because of this our mounts are the most secure and attractive motorcycle mounts in the industry and have a lifetime warranty.

Then our TechGripper is injection molded using Dupont Delrin Acetel resin thermoplastic and your cellphone is held in securely in place with polyurethane fabric to prevent scratching.

With an 18 pound per square inch grip with a grip range of 1.9” to 4.2” our Techgripper will securely hold all cellphones including the Samsung Note, the iPhone 6 plus, many GPS devices, MP3 players and other personal devices.

Step 1 – Remove your factory stem nut using a 36mm socket and leave the stock washer in place.

Step 2 – Remove the base screw and pull the ball shaft out. If necessary for the socket to fit onto the nut, remove the base extension.

This will allow a 36mm socket to be used to install and torque onto your bike

Step 3 – Install our replacement stem nut onto your stem bolt and torque to OEM specifications, 82 pounds per foot-pounds using the same 36mm socket from step 1.

Align the pin in the base extension to the counter-rotation hole in your replacement stem nut and tighten the base extension securely.

Re-install the upper assembly and base screw from step 2.

Our Techmount motorcycle mounts interface with our adapters and top plates enabling you to mount virtually any type of device to your motorcycle including cell phones, GPS devices, radar detectors and cameras.

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