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1-Star Rated Radar Detectors

Don’t make the mistake of buying any of the radar detectors rated by Radar Roy as being 1-Star!

If you’re considering purchasing any of the following radar detectors on Radar Roy's 1-Star list please go someplace else because he isn't going to sell any of these to you.

Radar Shield Technologies LLC - First on Roy's list are any radar detectors marketed by Radar Shield Technologies, which include the Ghost, the Ghost Pro, and the Sky Eye.

In his review of the Ghost radar detector he rated it as being the second worst radar detector that he has ever tested!

Rocky Mountain Radar Detectors – Second on Roy's list are any radar detectors from Rocky Mountain, including their RMR-C475, the RMR-C435, the Phantom-T, and RMR-C495.

Their detectors are notorious for having low sensitivity and a high percentage of false alerts.

On another one of Roy's websites, RadarJammer.com, he has been offering a $50,000 REWARD since 2004 to anyone that can show him a Rocky Mountain Radar scrambling device that works as they advertise!

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