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4-Star Rated Radar Detectors

Are you looking for a very good radar detector to help prevent speeding tickets?

The following 4-star rated detectors provide very good all-around performance for less money than the highest performance 5-star rated radar detectors.

During this 1 minute video, Radar Roy shares with you the benefits of having a 4-star radar detector that is best at being stealth against all radar detector detectors including the Spectre as well as the ability to have 8 times the capture distance of a police K and Ka Instant-on radar guns.

Best radar detectors in the 4-star rating category:

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Escort Redline Review Radar Detector Uniden DFR7 Radar Detector w/GPS Uniden DFR6 Radar Detector
Escort Redline
Escort Redline Price:

Uniden DFR7
List Price $399.95
Uniden DFR7 Sale Price: $269.95
Sale Price: $269.95

Uniden DFR6
List Price $269.95
Uniden DFR6 Sale Price: $209.95
Sale Price: $209.95
Radenso Pro SE Radar Detector Radenso Pro M (RPME) Radar Detector Radenso Pro SE Moto
Radenso Pro SE
Radenso Pro SE Price:

Radenso Pro M
Radenso Pro M Price:
Radenso Pro SE Moto for Motorcycle
Radenso Pro SE Moto Price:

Frequently Asked Questions About POP Radar

What are the POP radar states? - Our Police Enforcement Tactics & Equipment Page has a list of all the states that have MPH POP radar guns.

Should I have POP radar on or off?
– By activating POP radar mode on your detector you will be pestered by a lot more false alerts and because POP mode radar is rarely used, we would recommend keeping it off.

Why do I get so many POP radar false alerts?
– Because you are basically deactivating the filtering of your radar detector. Because POP mode radar is rarely used, we would recommend turning this feature off.

What is POP radar band? – POP radar is not a band; it is a mode that MPH radar integrates with some of their police radar guns. The reason that some people think it's a band because of misleading adverting Cobra has used to sell their radar detectors.

What is TSR radar? – TSR is a feature that many radar detectors include in their new detectors to filter out the traffic safety radar devices that many states have installed on highways to measure traffic flow. These devices operate on K-band and by activating TSR on your detector, it will help filter out false alerts caused by these devices.

About RadarBusters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

To learn more about Roy, read our radar detector reviews, or download our free radar detector eBook click here.

Return Policy

Dash Mounted Radar Detectors, Accessories, Mounting Systems: These products come with our 30-day money back guarantee provided that they are returned in a resalable condition. This requires that all parts, accessories, warranty cards and all original packaging are returned. Refunds do not include any shipping costs. Products returned that do not include the original outer packaging will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Installed Products: Any radar detector/laser jammer product that requires installation is exempt from our 30-day return policy if the product is removed from the packaging and/or if the buyer installs and/or attempts to install the product on a vehicle it becomes a nonreturnable product.

This exception includes all laser jammers, installed radar detectors, and the Veil Stealth Coating.