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What is ENRADD Speed Enforcement?

ENRADD is the acronym for Electronic Non Radar Device, which uses wireless infrared technology to record and transmit the speed of a motor vehicle directly into an ENRADD monitor, which is typically located in a police car.

As the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only allows their State Troopers to operate police radar, local jurisdictions were forced to use VASCAR or other speed timing devices.

A local manufacture for these timing devices called YIS/Cowden, developed a new system called ENRADD, which is recognized and approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an official electronic speed-timing device.

How ENRADD Works

The ENRADD system is a portable system with two main parts.

The first part is an aluminum bar with two infrared transmitters placed 3 feet apart, which is placed on one side of the road, and then the second part are two receivers also placed 3 feet apart mounted on an aluminum bar which is placed on the other side of the road.

When a car crosses the invisible beam of light, the speed is calculated by a computer and transmitted to the receiver, which is installed in the officer’s car.

Thus when an officer clocks a violator, he gives chase or flags the driver over and issues the citation.

How Accurate is the ENRADD System?

Unlike VASCAR that requires an officer to press a button, ENRADD is extremely accurate as the system is automated.

Also the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that each ENRADD system be factory tested and calibrated by the manufacture every 60 days.

Can my radar detector detect ENRADD?

No, there are no radar detectors available on the market that will detect ENRADD.

Can ENRADD be Defeated?

The Stinger system has ENRADD jamming system that uses infrared light which will defeat the ENRADD. The sensors for the Stinger system are installed into the side of the car.

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