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Stinger Police Radar and Laser Defense Review

I’m going to begin our review of the Stinger police radar and laser defense system by first addressing the two most common question we’re asked:

#1 – “Is the Stinger a radar detector?

In the technical sense no it isn’t. It's a microwave spectrum analyzer that will alert you to the presence of police radar and/or laser when programmed as such.

Because of this it is totally undetectable by any RDD, including the Spectre.

#2 - “Is the Stinger system really worth it?

Stinger Radar Detector Install 1
Well that depends on several factors

  1. Do you drive a high performance car?
  2. Do you want a system that isn’t going to pester you with false alerts?
  3. Do you demand the very best in speeding ticket protection?

If you answered yes to all these three questions, then yes, the Stinger radar and laser system is worth every dime you will invest into the Stinger system.

Buying a Stinger is buying into the Stinger philosophy, where development prioritizes products that are pleasant and easy to use, and consequently value filtering out false alerts over even bigger alert distances. Still, when it comes to sensitivity, Stinger says it has no doubt it is up there with very best.

About the Stinger Radar Detection System

Back in 2005 police departments throughout the world began purchasing Spectre radar detector detectors to sniff out radar detectors in countries detectors were they were illegal where they were illegal.

Because of my connections in the law enforcement community I was able to source one of Stealth Micro Systems earliest models.

After this became widely known in our radar detector community, the Stinger family in the Netherlands contacted me through the Flitservice.nl radar detector forum, requesting that I test their unit against my Spectre.

A few weeks later they arrived at our offices and immediately we saw that the Stinger was different from any other radar detector we had ever laid hands on.

First off to call it a radar detector would be a dis-service, it’s a microwave spectrum analyzer that receives, analyzes, filters and then displays a threat analysis on a mini LCD screen based upon threat level and strength.

The antenna for the unit is also flat, like a square pancake, and they explained their unique antenna design was developed by Stinger engineers using military technology to receive and decode weak microwave radio signals.

We installed it in my F-250 and to say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Not only was it the first radar detector that I ever tested that was stealth to the Spectre, it also had superior range to any of the other remote mounted radar detectors I had ever tested.

Stinger Becomes the Detector of Choice in AU and EU

Radar detector laws in Australia and Europe are a lot harsher then they are in Virginia or in Canada.

In Virginia if you’re caught with a detector you may get a ticket costing $100, but in Queensland you’re facing a fine of over $3,000 and 40 points on your license.

And the speeding ticket fines are much harsher too, with an automatic 6-month suspension on your driver’s license and a $1000 fine.

Because of the stealthness of the Stinger, it’s superior range and the ability to erase any evidence as it being a detector at the press of a button, it quickly became the detector of choice in Australia and in many countries in Europe.

Stinger Comes to the USA

Stinger Install Cabin area
Cliff Crane, the man behind the introduction of the Laser Interceptor to the USA announced on December 25th, 2014 his partnership with the Stinger family and they were opening up the distribution of the Stinger system here in the USA.

Overview of the Stinger Radar Detector and Laser Defense System

Stinger HD Antenna Technology

Stinger HD Antenna
I’m first going to address the question that frequently comes up and it is: “Can the Spectre RDD detect the Stinger?

The answer is no, because it’s not a traditional radar detector, it is a microwave spectrum analyzer that can identify police radar threats when programmed to do so.

Because of this the Stinger does not use cone shaped horn antennas used by radar detectors.

This enables the Stinger HD antenna to be a closed system that is fully stealth to all RDD’s, as it does not leak detectable RF. (radio frequency)

The Stinger system comes equipped with two flat antennas, one front facing you mount behind the grill, and the other rear facing that you can mount on the rear deck of your car.

The biggest advantage of the Stinger system is its extreme range and ability to detect the low powered digital K and Ka band radar guns used by today’s police agencies.

And unlike radar detectors that are only optimized for horizontal (or vertical) polarity, the Stinger HD Antenna is optimized for both vertical and horizontal polarity. This enables the Stinger to sniff out low powered vertical polarized K and Ka band mobile photo radar vans.

And because the technologies used and designed by Stinger, it has 0.0001 Gigahertz accuracy. This enables the Stinger to filter out false alerts, while focusing its attention to sniffing out real police radar threats.

The size of the Stinger HD antenna is 4.33” x 2.76” x 0.47”

Stinger Computer Center

The Stinger Computer Center box is the brains of this system, measuring 5.551” x 2.543” x 1.102” and typically mounted under the dash of the car.

Here is where the radar detector antennas, the LCD display, power cables and optional laser system all connect.

Stinger Spectrum Analyzer Touch Screen LCD Display

Stinger LCD AlertThe Stinger Spectrum Analyzer is another unique feature only found in their system.

The standard display measures 3.27” x 2.09” x 0.28” and is mounted to the Stinger LCD display holder.

Green Display: When not alerting the LCD is green, displaying the direction you’re traveling, your speed, the time and the operating mode(s).

Yellow Display: Once the Stinger picks up a signal that it considers as not direct threat it alerts yellow, identifying identifying the exact frequency, band, signal strength and the direction of the source.

A button on the bottom right of the screen then allows you to lock this alert out based upon the frequency and location if it’s a false alert.

Red Display: Here the Stinger system is in full alert mode, identifying the threat level as serious, identifying the threat level by signal strength, direction, exact frequency and your speed.

A button on the bottom right of the screen then allows you to lock this alert out based upon the frequency and location if it’s a false alert.

VIP Display Holder

The VIP LCD display holder can be mounted to your dash, center console or other area within the cabin of your car. This then enables you to easily attach your LCD VIP display screen.

GPS Antenna

The external GPS antenna can be mounted on the dash, or on the outside of the car such as the hood.

Stinger Speaker

Each Stinger system includes an external speaker that is typically mounted under the dash of the car.

Install Instructions

Your Stinger police radar and laser defense system comes with easy step-by-step instructions for self-install, or for 12 volt installers not familiar with the system.

Operating Instructions

Your Stinger system also includes a VIP operating manual in English, that will walk you through the process step-by-step in programming your system and how to use your syestm.

Updating Your Stinger System

Updating your Stinger radar and laser defense system is a snap using Stingers Mac/PC desktop software.

Just start up your Stinger desktop software, insert the Stinger USB drive and download Stinger’s latest software updates.

Then plug in your USB to the Stinger Controller Box.

Mileage Logging and Police Check Data

Another unique feature found with the Stinger system is the ability to log mileage reports and your driving history.

By simply downloading your Stinger data from your controller, to the Stinger USB you can use the Stinger desktop software to manage trip data, print out reports and even use the PoliceCheck files as supporting evidence in court.

HD Laser Jamming Sensors (Optional)

Stinger Laser Jammer Sensors
The Stinger Laser HD transceivers have the smallest footprint in the industry, about the size of a dime and can be easily concealed within the grill area or bumper area of your car.

When ordering the Stinger HD for the front you will receive two pairs of sensors, two receive and two transmit, which you would mount in the area of each headlight.

You can also order an additional third set for placement near the front license plate.

The Stinger HD Laser Jammer sensors capture and analyzes laser with extreme precision, with less hardware and jams all known laser jammer guns used in the US including the Dragon Eye and other variable pulse rate and random pulse rate laser guns.

Laser Analyzer Box

A laser analyzer box is included with each pair of the optional laser-jamming transmitter ordered.

The Laser Analyzer box measures 3.228” x 4.331” 1.118” and is typically mounted under the hood for front jamming heads or in the truck for rear jammer heads.

Laser Fiber (Optional)

Stinger also offers their unique optional laser fiber heads, which enables you to install side-mounted laser jamming transmitters to jam the ENRADD side laser speed measurement devices now being installed in Pennsylvania.

The laser fiber head only measures 0.118” in circumference and is 0.551” long, making it very easy to conceal behind a rear license plate for side ENRADD laser jamming.

Pricing of the Stinger Radar and Laser Defense System

Currently there are two systems called VIP packages offered in the U.S.A. by Stinger:

Stinger VIP – The Stinger V.I.P. Package includes their GPS photo enforcement database for North America, the Stinger computer control box, a LCD display holder, a GPS antenna, USB key, USB cable, speaker, mounting kit, power supply, interface cable, two extension boxes, 2 HD antennas, 2 HD antenna mounting brackets, three extension cables (two 3 meter and one 6 meter) - $5,995

Stinger VIP Lite – The Stinger V.I.P. System Lite includes their GPS photo enforcement database for North America, the Stinger computer control box, a LCD display holder, a GPS antenna, USB key, USB cable, speaker, mounting kit, power supply, interface cable, one extension box, 1 HD antenna, 1 HD antenna mounting brackets, one 2-meter extension cable - $2995

Optional Stinger Accessories

Optional accessories for the Stinger system include:

Front Laser Jamming Transmitters: $900

Rear Laser Jamming Transmitters: $600

Pair ENRADD Side Laser Fiber Transmitters: $700

Upgrade the 3.9” LCD display to 5.1”: Extra $150

Full Test & Review of the Stinger System

During our 2015 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shootout we tested the Stinger System and you can view the results here.
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