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Escort Live App Overview

During part two of the Escort Live Video series you'll discover the secrets of how to set up your Escort Live App for proper integration to your smart phone.

(Video Transcript)

Hi, this is Radar Roy from RadarBusters.com and in part one of our series of Escort Live we discussed how to install Escort Live and the basic functions. In this video we will review some of the basic programming features and in part three the more advanced features.

So starting off if you have not seen our first video on Escort Live click here.

If you want to jump ahead to the more advanced programming feature video press on that button now.

Now there are two different modes you can use with Escort Live, the map mode that will show your location and the location of Escort Live alerts on a map and the dashboard version.

In the dash mode version you will have a speedometer that will display your speed while you’re driving and a speed limit sign that will have the posted speed limit for the road your traveling on.

Now one word of caution, do not assume that the speed limit sign that is posted in Escort Live is correct as there could be road construction or some misinformation in the database for the speed limit, so always pay attention to the signs on the road.

Now also there is an interface for your music player. As I have an iPhone this will interface with my iTunes library where I can play and my control my music.

Now on the top left of your screen you will see an icon of a car, press it and it will bring up Google’s interactive map system.

On the bottom left we have the icon with the plus sign, press on this and the reporting menu will appear.

The blue icons such as speed camera, red light camera speed trap are not generally posted to Escort Live until there are a number of other reports that will verify this information.

However when you press the red police spotted and mobile camera icons these will be immediately shared with the entire Escort Live Community.

Then to the right you have an icon that looks like a clock, press on it and your most recent radar detector alerts will be displayed, to clear them just press the clear button.

The compass icon will center your location on the map and the gear icon will take you to your detector settings menu.

For this video we will only review the basic functions, in the next video we will review the more advanced functions.

First you have your alert settings, press on it and you can set which of the Escort Live alert settings you would like to receive both to your detector and your phone.

Next we have the app settings

The first is background updates. Enabling this will allow your Escort live to be updated with the newest software and defender database updates.

Next we have the over speed warning and the over speed sound. This enables your detector to alert you if you’re driving over the posted speed limit. Personally I keep this setting off.

Alert Settings, I recommend keeping this on advanced to get as much detail about the alerts I can while driving and I set my settings to show alerts for only the last 60 minutes.

The next button is the Intro video button will display a short introductory video about Escort Live.

The tutorial tab opens up a short interactive tutorial explaining how to report or lock out alerts.

The subscription button will open up your subscription details and expiration date.

Refer a friend enables you to share the information about the Escort App.

The radar settings page will take a bit to cover, so we will address those settings in part 3 of this series.

Bluetooth settings are the settings for your phone

And the about button will open information about the version of the Escort Live App you have installed.

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