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Escort iX, Veil G5.6 Bundle

Escort iX


Escort iX, Veil G5.10 Bundle


  • Escort iX
  • Veil G5.10 Stealth Coating
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Product Code: ESCORT-IX-VEIL-G5.6


Escort iX Review

Updated: 03-30-2017

The all new Escort iX is a worthy successor to Escort's best selling Passport 9500ix providing more power, better filtering, more features, with a sleek functional design.

Escort iX Review Summary

The main benefits of the Escort iX radar detector are:

  • Programmed with Escort’s new updatable IVT "in-vehicle-technology" radar-based collision avoidance sensor rejection digital signal processing algorithm (DSP), enabling it to block most false alerts caused by blind spot monitors and adaptive cruise control systems.
  • Improved radar and laser detection performance.
  • Improved responsiveness to short duration I/O police radar.
  • For the advanced user - Ka-band segmentation.
  • Improved GPS receiver for quicker and more reliable signal acquisition.
  • High definition multi-color OLED display.
  • Improved metering display modes.
  • Variable sensitivity based upon vehicle speed, for less falsing at slower speeds around town or in traffic.
  • GPS equipped with the best in class DEFENDER database – Fixed photo enforcement database, speed traps database, false alert filtering, false alert filtering, auto sensitivity.
  • Built-in Smart Bluetooth for compatibility with Escort Live!
  • Includes Escort's USB Smart Cord power adapter for powering your smartphone
  • Online firmware and database updates.
  • Clear digital voice alerts in English and Spanish.
  • Display can be hard to read in the daylight sun
  • The Escort iX is a worthy successor to the Escort Passport 9500ix and should prove at least as popular

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackDouble Your Protection with the Veil G5 Stealth Coating

The Escort iX provides good laser detection warning, however to increase your chances of avoid police laser tickets, your best bet is to pair your detector with the Veil G5.10 stealth coating.

We are now offering a bundled deal where you can purchase, for a limited time, both products at big savings.

VEiL G5.6 Anti-Laser Stealth Coating
Veil G5.6 Price: $97.95

Laser Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating

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