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Laser Jammer Test

One of the main obstacles laser jammer manufactures face today is developing jamming codes for the hundreds of makes, models and versions of the laser guns police use today.

RALTECHistorically manufactures have had to purchase these police laser guns through their sources, test the guns to identify their pulse rate and then develop the software to jam each of these guns.

This is one of the major reasons why laser jammers are so expensive.

Because of this a group of enthusiasts formed a group calling themselves the Radar and Laser Expert Testing Cooperative (RALTEC).

Members of RALTEC have invested tens of thousands of dollars of their own money purchasing the newest laser guns along with their own testing equipment.

RALTEC then shares this data with the leading manufactures with the goal of making laser-jamming devices more affordable for you and I.

Because of their expertise in laser jamming equipment and to ensure impartial result, RALTEC was tasked with overseeing the laser jamming testing.

Members of RALTEC are very concerned about their privacy because of their employment.

Because of this, photos and videos from this phase of our test do not show faces of RALTEC members.

Laser Jammer CourseLaser Jamming Testing Course

The location of the laser-jamming course was a remote, paved 2-lane road northwest of Surprise Arizona.

Laser Jamming Test Vehicle

With the exception of the Stinger VIP, a white Nissan Altima was used to test the laser jammers.

This vehicle was chosen because white colored vehicles are harder to jam with a laser jammer and to make it more challenging the Altima had a large chrome grill and wrap around headlights.

Laser Jammer Testing Methodology

Each current retail version of the laser jammers tested consisted of two runs targeting the three major target areas; the drivers side headlight (DHL), the passenger side headlight (PHL) and center of mass (CM).

Laser Jammers Tested

Laser Jammer CarThe retail laser jammers that were tested by RALTEC were a dual head AntiLaser Priority, a dual head Blinder HP-905, and a dual head Escort Laser ShifterPro.

Because of its design the Stinger VIP system had 3 transmitter heads and 2 receiver heads, which were installed prior to the test in a blue Mercedes.

Also tested during this event by RALTEC was a beta version of a new Blinder Laser Jammer and Beta firmware update for the Escort Laser Shifter Pro.

Laser Jammer Firmware Versions

AntiLaser Priority 4/25/2015
Blinder HP-905 4/17/2015
Escort Laser ShifterPro Original
Stinger VIP USA Beta

Laser Jamming Testing Results

JTG Jam To Gun; No Speed Read
NT Not Tested
IPT Instant Punch Through; Speed Reading All the Way through.

***Due to Stinger having 3 tramsmiters, not installed on a white car and not installed by Raletc, we had to exclude it from the official results.***
Laser Jammer Test ALP and Blinder

Laser Jammer Test Escort Stinger

Below are the unofficial results for Stinger.

Stinger VIP Test

No DragonEye Testing Results?

During RALTEC’s testing they discovered some issues with the DragonEye, which if made public could be used against owners of laser jammers. Because of this RALTEC requested that the results of the DragonEye be omitted from these results.

However the AntiLaser Priority and the Stinger were the only two laser jammers tested that was able to jam these more complex laser guns more effectively, but not 100%.

A Special Thank You

Being involved in the speed counter measurement industry I’ve never met a group of enthusiasts that had the passion and the level of professionalism the members of RALTEC displayed at our 2015 Shootout.

And without their donation of resources a test of this caliber wouldn’t had been possible.

Because of this I thank them in behalf of all members of our speed counter measurement community.

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