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2015 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shootout

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer TestingOn April 17th through the 19th both radar detector and laser countermeasure enthusiasts and manufacturers from around the world converged at our 2015 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shootout, the first of its kind in the history of this industry. The location of this event was Surprise, Arizona.

Historically, organizations like Speed Measurement Laboratories (SML) would host similar events, for a fee, and were closed to any other attendees than the manufacturers who attended. Other limited attendance “tests” have been conducted, mainly by automotive journalists for publication in automotive enthusiast magazines or related websites.

Fortunately, events involving only the manufacturers causing enthusiasts in our community to question the testing and/or results particularly when advertising dollars are involved.

Also other radar detector testing sites like RadarTest.com would do their own testing not inviting anyone, causing both the manufacturers and enthusiasts to question their methodology and/or testing results.

The online countermeasure community’s forums such as the very popular rdforum.net and the first and largest countermeasure forum—Radardetector.net—are often replete with impassioned posts and very heated discussions. Unfortunately, those new to our community have a difficult time separating fact from opinion making it very hard for them to make the right selections most suited to their personal needs.

Radar Detector TestBecause of this, RadarBusters and Veil Corporation decided to do something totally different by inviting both the manufacturers and enthusiasts to attend the event.

Two enthusiast test groups were also invited to conduct the tests themselves with coordination by Radar Roy and the Veil Guy.

Manufacturers Who Accepted our Invitation to Participate

The following manufacturers chose to directly participate in this special event:

Unfortunately, a couple of other significant manufacturers in our industry opted-out or had scheduling conflicts preventing their direct participation. Valentine Research was not invited because they have historically declined such invitations, however two units of theirs were tested—a standard model and a custom-swept model using Veil Guy’s custom sweeps.

The good news is that the majority of the most significant players in our industry were represented.

The following manufacturers that were not able to attend but were kind enough to participate by offering support and/or technical assistance. We are anticipating their attendance our next event:

Enthusiasts Who Conducted the Testing

An event of this magnitude would have not been possible without the expert enthusiast groups who graciously donated their time, money, and resources to ensure a successful, informative, and trusted outcome. At this event, two independent enthusiast groups: RALETC and The Guys of Lidar graciously offered their time, equipment, and expertise to ensure that the results that were recorded were accurate.

RALETC (Radar & Laser Expert Testing Cooperative)

Laser Jammer TestOne of the biggest hurdles laser jammer manufacturers face is effectively counter new police lasers that get used in the field. A number of police lasers today are making it especially difficult on the jammer manufacturers to successfully jam. This is one of the reasons we believe it is essential for the manufacturers to participate directly—they can see in real-time how their products actually perform. This enables them to make the necessary improvements to be the best they can be.

This is why independent testing groups like RALETC are essential to the manufacturer, enthusiast, and ultimately the consumer. They then share this data and their expertise with the manufacturers with the end goal to make these devices more affordable to the end consumer. This dynamic is what makes this event so unique and essential to the health of the entire industry and why we are so committed to continuing these events on an annual basis. Thanks guys for your invaluable contributions.

Guys Of Lidar

Guys of LidarThe most senior enthusiast testing group is the Guys of Lidar. GOL as they are referred to online initially formed on radardetector.net--the largest and oldest radar detector forum: radardetector.net (link to radardetector.net). The GOL testing group oversaw the radar detector testing portion of this event. Thanks guys for your invaluable contributions.

Other Radar/Laser Enthusiasts

We also had a large number of other radar detector and laser jammer enthusiasts and members from car clubs to participate and interact directly with the manufacturers, as well. Some of them even helped with certain aspect of these test. It was great meeting many of you face-to-face.

Schedule of Events

Kickoff Event - Live Online Broadcast on Friday, April 17th 2015

Radar Detector Test OnlineWe launched our event with a 1 hour and 45 minute live online broadcast on Friday consisting of a test overview and included manufacturer presentations followed by a question and answer session directly with the enthusiasts or would-be consumers of they products.

After the live broadcast the manufacturers and enthusiasts were escorted to the testing location, west of Surprise Arizona, that we had scouted previously.

Here the contributors assisted in setting up the two courses (one for radar and one for laser), the necessary equipment, and the target vehicles.

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Testing

Radar Detector TestThen both Saturday and Sunday we conducted simultaneous testing of the radar detectors and laser jammers on-hand, most retail box versions and a couple that were custom configured,

Testing Location

Both the laser jammer and radar detector testing locations were performed on the Sun Valley Parkway in Surprise Arizona.

These sections of straight paved roadways made up with with rolling hills and dips, experiencing moderate highway traffic. In both tests we attempted to simulate real-world police radar and laser speed traps that you would likely encounter while driving.

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