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Help, I Think My Radar Detector is Broken!

Police Laser GunYou're driving down the road and all of a sudden you see an officer standing on the shoulder of the road pointing something at your car that you suspect is a radar gun.

However, your radar detector is not making a sound.

Your first thought is: my radar detector must be broken! So when you get home you’re frantically call us or send us an email with the subject line: “Help, I think my radar detector is broken!

Well, I have good news, bad news, and then some really good news.

Good news first:

Your Radar Detector is Not Broken.

If you look closely enough at this photo, sent to me by one of my clients, you’ll notice that it has two clear lenses in the front.

You’ll also notice that he is looking through a viewfinder.

What he is shooting here in this photo is a police laser gun, not a police radar gun.

Now some bad news.

Police Lidar Enforcement

A growing trend in police departments across the US (and the world) is that police departments are trading in their radar guns for laser guns.


This way they have a higher chance of catching you speeding, as radar detectors by themselves are completely worthless in combating this technology.

Laser guns transmit a narrow beam of light in the near infrared light spectrum.

At 500 feet, this beam of light is only 18” wide and the officer is trained to target the most reflective areas of your car, which is typically your headlights or front license plate.

So unless your detector was within this 18” target area it wouldn’t alert, and if it did because of some “splatter” it’s too late, the officer has already captured your speed.

Now here is the really good news.

Jam Instead of Detect!

Instead of detecting police laser, you can jam it by making your car completely invisible to their laser gun.

Basically, what a laser jammer does is overpower the police lidar gun with it’s own light source that is transmitted at the exact pulse rate as the officers gun.

Is it Legal to Own a Jam Police Laser?

Well that depends on where you live. First off, there are NO FEDERAL LAWS prohibiting you from using a laser jammer.

However, there are a number of states that have discovered how effective these devices are and passed laws prohibiting their use. They are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.

Can an Officer Tell If I’m Jamming Him?

Yes, if you just keep your jammer on and zip on by him he will figure it out.

However, there is a way to drastically reduce his suspicions. Here is how:

As you can see from the photo, the officer is aiming at a target, trying to hold the gun steady.

This is because if there is any deviation in his aim his laser gun will not lock.

As he is trying to get “target acquisition” on your vehicle, your jammer has already activated and alerted you that you’re being targeted.

Now, you have about a 4 to 5 second window to slow down if you have properly programmed your laser jammer.

Once your have slowed down, the officer will be able to lock onto your car and capture your speed. The key here is to slow down instead of maintaining your former speed, which would have aroused the officer's suspicions if he had been unable to get a proper lock on your vehicle.

Which Laser Jammer is the Best?

I would recommend that you check out our latest laser jammer comparison article and take a few minutes to watch the videos.

How Hard is it to Install?

I have a full article on how to install as laser jammer along with several other tips on how to use it effectively on this site.

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