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Police Speed Enforcement Tactics in Arizona

AZ DPS BadgeUnderstanding the speed enforcement tactics and equipment used in Arizona can save you from getting an expensive speeding ticket!

Arizona Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Laws

The use of radar detectors and laser jammers are legal in the State of Arizona in all passenger vehicles.

Points of Interest

  • Traffic citations are not valid in Arizona unless they are personally served to the defendant, or the defendant waives this requirement by responding to the citation.
  • Member of non-resident compact.

Phone/Texting Laws

  • No texting ban while driving
  • No handheld ban while driving

Aircraft Enforcement

The Arizona Highway Patrol does have a variety of Aircraft they can utilize for traffic enforcement including five helicopters and a Cessna 206.

Fixed Photo Red Light and/or Photo Radar Enforcement

The State of Arizona no longer utilizes fixed photo radar or mobile enforcement vans, however there are a number of cities that do that include:

  • El Mirage
  • Tucson
  • Paradise Valley
  • Phoenix
  • Prescott Valley
  • Surprise
  • Scottsdale
  • Mesa


Police do speed enforcement using both rear and forward facing pacing.

Police Radar Enforcement

State procurement records over the past 5-years indicate that the following police radar guns are used by both state and local police agencies.

  • Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional K-band
  • Decatur Genesis II Select K-band
  • Decatur Genesis II Select Ka-band
  • Decatur Scout
  • Kustom Signals Falcon HR K-band
  • Kustom Signals Talon II
  • Kustom Signals Talon Directional
  • Kustom Signals Raptor RP-1 K-band
  • Kustom Signals Raptor RP-1 Ka-band

Police Laser Enforcement

State procurement records over the past 5-years indicate that the following police lidar guns are used by both state and local police agencies.

  • Laser Ally
  • LTI 20/20 TruCam
  • LTI 20/20 TrueSpeed
  • LTI 20/20 TrueSpeed S
  • LTI 20/20 TrueSpeed LR
  • LTI 20/20 Ultralyte 100 LR
  • Kustom Signals Pro Laser III
  • Kustom Signals Pro Laser 4


Police do utilize VASCAR speed timing equipment. The most notable locations are Yarnell Hill north of Congress and I-17 in proximity of the Sedona exits.

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