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Review of the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

Radenso Radar Detector ReviewBig time performance in a small package” – Radar Roy 2015

Update: 10/12/2016

This detector is being superseded by the new Radenso XP, which provides superior filtering options at the same price point and we now recommend this new model instead.

If you’re in the market for an affordable high performance, GPS enabled radar detector and not hung up on the perception that “size equals performance” then you should consider investing in the new Radenso Pro radar detector.

Developed in Germany under the GENEVO brand, the Radenso Pro series has become the #1 best selling radar detector across Europe.

Overview of our Testing of the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

When we received our Radenso Pro radar detector for this review our first impression was “how could something so small perform as well as they claim” but our concerns were quickly put aside within a few hours of testing.

During this review of the Radenso Pro we logged over 4,000 miles during a road trip from Arizona to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and back, and then over 2,500 miles in typical highway and city driving in and around the Phoenix Arizona area.

During this review we compared the performance and features of the Radenso Pro to other high performance radar detectors, including the Escort Redline, the Passport Max/Max2, the Passport 9500ix and the Valentine One.

Main Features of the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro is a windshield mounted X, K and Ka band radar detector offers the following features:

  • It is one of smallest, high performance radar detector available today
  • It has two TSR filtering modes enabling it to filter out most false alerts caused by the K-band the collision avoidance systems installed on new cars
  • GPS enabled radar detector providing you with warnings of fixed photo enforcement camera locations
  • Auto/City mode that enables the detector to automatically adjust its sensitivity according to the speed your driving
  • GPS filtering, enabling the detector to lock out known false alert locations
  • Selectable Ka narrow band segmentation, tuned to the EXACT frequencies used in North America, enabling long range detection and reduced false alerts
  • Selectable K narrow band, tuned to the exact radar frequencies used in North America, enabling long range detection and reduced false alerts
  • Easy to understand voice and tone alerts with frequency announcement
  • LED display with bright, dim and dark display modes
  • FREE LIFETIME GPS and Firmware updates via online download from your computer
  • 2 year manufacture warranty

Main Benefits of the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

Compact Size

One major benefits of the Radenso Pro radar detector is that it is one of the smallest detectors available today, which enables the Radenso to take up less real estate on your windshield.

Overall Performance

During our 6 week, 7,500 mile test drive of the Radenso Pro we compared its performance to the Passport Max/Max2, the Escort Redline and Valentine One.

As a result we would rate the overall range of the Radenso Pro comparable to the Valentine 1 but below that of the Escort Redline and Max/Max2.

Because of this we would rate the Radenso as being one of the best performing radar detectors in our 3-star category.

Selectable TSR Filtering

Most new cars being sold today include adaptive cruise control and/or blind spot sensors, which operate on the same K-band frequency police use.

Because of this over 97% of all the radar detectors being sold today are what I call “new car detectors”.

To combat this problem the engineers at Genevo have developed the industries first, selectable TSR filtering capabilities into the Radenso Pro, enabling you to select low or high TSR filtering to block out these annoying false alerts.

However a downside of this filtering when used is that it negatively impacts to alert to instant on K-band radar and takes a few seconds longer to alert to constant on.

GPS Enabled Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro is a GPS enabled radar detector, which provides you with:

  • Alerts of approaching fixed photo enforcement camera locations
  • Auto sensitivity filtering based upon your speed
  • GPS lockouts of known false alert locations
  • Ability to mark your own speed trap locations into the GPS

Selectable Ka Narrow and K Narrow Radar Band Tuning

The Radenso Pro allows you to program your detector to selectable Ka and K narrow band tuning, enabling it to only focus its attention to the known frequencies used by police in North America.

By enabling this feature your detector will scan these police radar bands faster, further away and with much less annoying false alerts.

FREE Unlimited GPS and Firmware Updates!

Unlike many of the other radar detector manufactures who will charge you anywhere from $29 to $49 a year subscription for GPS and Firmware updates, all updates for your Radenso Pro are free for LIFE!

Currently GPS updates are done quarterly, however Radenso is gearing up to soon offer monthly updates.

To update your Radenso Pro just go to their website to their update page, enter the serial number of your detector, plug your detector into your computer through a USB port and download the newest updates.

Recommended Improvements for the Radenso Pro

Like any other product there is always room for improvement and here are a few of our recommendations.

1. Because of the orange color of the LED display of the Radenso Pro we sometimes had a difficult time reading the display in bright sunlight.

Because of this we would recommend that Radenso consider using a more modern OLED display, such as found in the Escort Passport/Passport Max2 radar detectors.

2. RJ-11 modular phone jack have become the standard power connector for all the high-end detectors from Escort, Beltronics, Valentine One and even the cheaper Uniden line.

However the Radenso Pro uses the barrel type of connector that is typically associated with the lower end model detectors from Cobra and Whistler.

Because “perception = reality” to many people, I would suggest to the engineers at Radenso that they consider upgrading to the RJ-11 style of connector also in future releases.

3. The Radenso Pro is NOT STEALTH to the Spectre radar detector.

Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend using it in Virginia, the District of Columbia, in a commercial vehicle weighing over 10,000 pounds, or any other provinces and/or countries were radar detectors are illegal.

Accessories for the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

Your Radenso Pro radar detector comes shipped to your door with:

  • Operating manual
  • Windshield mount
  • 12-Volt cigarette lighter power cable
  • USB Cable

The only optional accessory for the Radenso Pro is their direct wire power cable, which would enable you to connect to your fuse box for power.

Overall Impression of the Radenso Pro Radar Detector

Our final impression of the Radenso Pro is that the Passport 9500ix has finally met its match!

This is because we would rate the overall performance and filtering characteristics of the Radenso Pro better then the Passport 9500ix.

What is also impressive about the manufacture for the Radenso that in only 4 years they have become one of the leading radar detector manufacture in Europe and we are positive based upon our extensive review and testing that they will soon become a major contender here in the US too.

Because of this if you’re considering investing in a high performance GPS enabled radar detector you should put the Radenso Pro on the top of your list.

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