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Review of the Super Stealth 9000

With over 20 years of law enforcement experience and over 19 years of experience in the counter speed measurement industry, I’m can safely say that this radar detector was the WORST radar detector that I have ever tested.
One of the latest scams that I have exposed is a company based in Henderson, Nevada called RDR Enterprises who sells a product they call the Super Stealth 9000 radar and laser jammer from their website.
Super Stealth 9000
I purchased one of their units and, upon inspecting the unit, immediately recognized this unit as being a MRD-2000 radar detector manufactured by Microline Co. LTD, based in South Korea, which is the same company that I suspect manufactures the Ghost Radar Detector.

This detector was one of many that I have tested as early as 2003 during my Radar Detector Shoot-Outs.

Through my overseas contacts, I learned that RDR Enterprises purchased 200 MRD-2000 radar detectors, and that Mircoline had not made any modifications to them to jam either radar or laser.

The Federal Communications Commission requires that all radar detectors, along with other electronic goods, sold within the USA be type accepted and certified by their department.

Once type accepted, the manufacturer is required to label their product with this certification code.

To sell such a product within the USA without this certification and/or the proper label is a federal crime under Section 2.803 of FCC Regulations.

I checked with the Federal Communications Commission and neither Microline MRD-2000 or the Super Stealth 9000 had been approved for sale or certification, nor was any product id issued to either.

Also, the Super Stealth 9000 did not have the required label.

Testing of the Super Stealth 9000

During my testing of the Super Stealth 9000 I received constant false alerts from the detector in any vehicle I put it into.

The operator manual explains these constant false alerts this way:

"You will hear lots of activity from the SS-9000 when in use (especially in the city environment). Many are false alerts from other radar sources. We suggest turning the volume down as low as possible as the alerts can sometimes be overwhelming. At night, you may choose to turn the volume down to zero since you will easily be able to see the LED alerts."

In my attempt to rate the range and jamming capabilities of this unit, I took my arsenal of radar and laser guns as well as the Super Stealth 9000 to an old abandoned Air Force base located in the middle of the Arizona desert, miles away from anything that could cause a false alert.

However, even miles away from any other radio transmitting devices, the Super Stealth 9000 continued false alerting and was unable to properly perform a range test.

With this unit on and placed into a Ford Windstar van, I shot the Super Stealth 9000 with my Kustom Falcon K radar gun, my Stalker Ka radar gun, my MPH X band radar gun and my Stalker laser gun as the stealth-equipped vehicle approached my location from a starting distance of 1000 feet.

I was able to maintain a solid speed reading with all of the speed measurement devices throughout the tests, and none were ever jammed by the Super Stealth 9000.

Contacted RDR Enterprises

I then telephoned RDR Enterprises and spoke with Jay regarding the return of the Super Stealth 9000.

When I explained that we wanted to return the item and asked how we can do this, Jay replied "all you have to do is talk to me, are you having a problem with it?"

I explained that what was sold was not a radar jammer but a product made by Microline.

Jay then responded: "It's the Mircoline 2000 radar detector, a modified version."

I then related that the unit had been tested, that these tests had found that it didn't work, and, as a result of this, we wanted to return it.

On April 26th we were issued a full refund from RDR.

Are You A Victim of Radar Detector Fraud?

If you purchased one of these devices I recommend that you consider doing the following:

  1. Contact RDR Industries and ask for a full refund, their contact information is as follows: RDR Enterprises 1348 Calle Cantar Henderson, NV 89012 888-438-1678
  2. Contact your credit card company and file for a refund of the money you spent purchasing this item. Most credit card companies will issue a chargeback if the company fraudulently misrepresented their products and/or services. You are welcome to print out this page and submit it with your application for a refund to your credit card company.
  3. As the company is based in Henderson, Nevada, you can file a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General's Office for consumer fraud.
  4. Contact the Attorney General's Office in your state and file a complaint against the company.
  5. File a complaint with the FCC regarding RDR's selling of non compliant electronics goods within the USA. Their address is as follows: Federal Communications Commission Consumer and Governmental Affairs Consumer Complaints Division 445 12st SW Washington, DC 20554.

Drive Safe, Drive Smart and most of all Drive Protected

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