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Escort iXc Radar Detector Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360 Cobra Road Scout
Escort iXc
List Price: $499.95
Price: $449.95

Cobra DualPro 360
Price: $449.95

Cobra Road Scout
Price: $449.95

The new Escort IXc adds WIFI connectivity. However, the star of the show isn’t WIFI, the Escort iXc's new M4+ platform adds some serious performance increases over their discontinued Escort iX.
Cobra Dual Pro 360

Extreme performance, dual antenna, directional arrows, GPS photo enforcement.
The Cobra Road Scout is designed with intelligent sensors that monitor and detect road threats combined with a high definition dash cam to capture unexpected moments.
Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector Escort Max 360c Radar Detector
Escort Max 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $649.95

Escort Redline 360c
Price: $749.95
Escort MaxCam 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $849.95
Best overall detector with dual antennas & directional arrows Best overall detector with three antennas & directional arrows Escort's first dashman radar detector featuring dual antennas & directional arrows