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Best Radar Detectors 2021 (5-Star Rating Category)

Are you looking for the very best radar detector of 2021 that will give you years of protection?

Radar detectors that we rank as our five-star-rated are the very best detectors currently available and these include the Escort Redline 360c, Escort Max 360c, Uniden R7, and the Uniden R3.

To help assist you in making the selection of the best detector within your budget, we provide a ranking of the best radar detectors that RadarBusters offers.

If you have any questions about any of our detectors, please feel free to email us or contact us by phone. We are here to assist your in not only selecting the proper detector for your particular needs, but also how to operate your detector and what to expect from your it.

We can even help you program your detector so you are to be sure to get the most out of it.

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Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector Uniden R8 Front View
Escort MaxCam 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $849.95
Escort Redline 360c
Price: $749.95
Uniden R8

Uniden R8 Price:
Escort's first dashman radar detector featuring dual antennas & directional arrows Best overall detector with three antennas & directional arrows Highest performance detector with dual antennas and arrows
Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Uniden R7 Front View Uniden R4 Radar Detector
Escort Max 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $649.95

Uniden R7
List Price: $649.99

Uniden R7 Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $479.95

Uniden R4
Price: $449.99

Best overall detector with dual antennas & directional arrows Highest performance detector with dual antennas and arrows
Top selling extreme performance GPS detector
Radenso Pro M (RPME) Radar Detector Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360 Escort iXc Radar Detector
Radenso Pro M
Radenso Pro M Price:

Cobra DualPro 360
Price: $449.95

Escort iXc
List Price: $499.95
Price: $449.95

Smallest extreme performance GPS-enabled detector Cobra Dual Pro 360

Extreme performance, dual antenna, directional arrows, GPS photo enforcement.

The new Escort IXc adds WIFI connectivity. However, the star of the show isn’t WIFI, the Escort iXc's new M4+ platform adds some serious performance increases over their discontinued Escort iX.
Escort Max 360 Radenso DS1 Review Escort Max 3
Escort Max 360
Escort Max 360 Price: $649.95

Radenso DS1
Price: $399.99
Escort Max 3
Price: $399.95
Escort's first dual antenna fully digital radar detector. Extreme performance GPS-enabled radar detector The Escort Max 3 is Escort's most sensitive single antenna radar detector.
Radenso XP Review Uniden R3 Radar Detector
Radenso XP
Radenso XP Price:

Uniden R3
List Price: $399.99
Price: $399.99
SALE $299.95

Ultra-high performance GPS-enabled detector Top selling extreme performance GPS detector

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