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Escort Redline EX

Escort Redline EX Review Radar Detector
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The Escort Redline EX is expected to ship sometime in early September.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for those of you interested in being one of the very first to own this new high-end Escort radar detector.

Reserve your spot now! Detectors will be shipped on a first come, first served basis.

30 day Return Policy

The Escort Redline EX offers Escort's very best range for drivers who are primarily interested in extreme performance.

Escort Redline EX Includes:
  • Escort 12 Volt SmartCord with USB
  • New: Quick-detach magnetic windshield mount
  • Travel Case
Escort Redline EX Accessories:

Escort Redline EX Price:

Product Code: REDLINE-EX

Review Additional Info

Escort Redline EX Radar Detector Review

Escort Redline EX Review Summary

What are the main benefits of choosing the Escort Redline EX Radar Detector?

Escort Redline EX Pros:

  • The Escort Redline EX has extreme detection range - greater than 8-times the range of a police radar gun
  • Escort's Dual front facing antenna design maximizes sensitivity to all police bands
  • This Escort is to all radar detector detectors (RDDs) including the Spectre III/IV/Elite
  • Ability to segment the Ka-band spectrum enabling the Escort Redline faster scanning and longer range.
  • New ability to segment K-band to reduce falses
  • New ability to detect difficult to detect police radar including MultaRadar CD/CT (currently used in western Canada)
  • Can filter out some of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars today
  • Full color OLED display
  • GPS integration allows for photo enforcement and red light camera alerts
  • Built-in Bluetooth to allow direct integration with Escort Live!
  • New quick-detach magnetic windshield-mount
  • Smartcord with USB power support
  • Firmware/Database updatable

Escort Redline EX Cons:

  • The Escort Redline EX is on the larger side of windshield-mounted radar detectors

Escort Redline EX Review Conclusion:

  • The new Escort Redline EX will be considered one of the best radar detectors available for both highway and now city driving

Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Algorithm

When investing in a radar detector such as the Redline EX, two of your biggest concerns are the Redline EX's ability to sniff out real police radar and police laser threats and its ability to filter out false alerts, here is why.

Police departments across the world are now in the process of updating their equipment to the new, low power battery operated hand held digital radar guns.

All of these types of radar guns are instant on, meaning that they do NOT transmit any radar signal until the officer has a target vehicle in sight and presses the trigger.

Because of this when you select your detector, an important consideration is its ability to detect instant on miles away.

Then another problem, the anti-collision sensors that are being installed in most new cars today.

These sensors operate on the same K-Band frequency that police use and because of this, most detectors will constantly false alert when near them.

Unlike the previous model, the Escort Redline, the EX now incorporates a dedicated filtering system called IVT which will do a much better job at filtering out K-band collision avoidance systems than the TSR filter option of the Redline.

Stealth to all Radar Detector Detectors

The EX is stealth to all radar detector detectors (or RDDs) including the Spectre, making the Redline EX the only windshield-mount detector of choice if you live and/or drive in Virginia or if you’re a professional driver.

Escort Live! Capable

The biggest breakthrough this decade in the speed counter measurement community is the ability for your EX to share historical and real time data with accuracy, with other Escort owners in the cloud.

The built-in bluetooth chipset now allows for seamless integration with Escort Live! through your iPhone and/or Android smartphone.

This enables your Redline EX to:

  • Alert you of real time police spotted alerts
  • Alert you of real time radar and laser speed traps in your area
  • Alert you of historical speed trap locations including aircraft enforcement locations
  • Alert you of fixed photo enforcement camera locations
  • Enables you to program the advanced features of your EX through your smart phone

Easy to Read LED Display

The EX has an easy to read, bright red LED display.

Additional features of the EX include:

  • Bar Graph – identifying the signal strength of the threat
  • SpecDisplay – identifies the actual numeric frequency of the police radar signal
  • 5 levels of brightness including full dark mode

Clear Audible Voice Alerts

The EX has easy to understand voice alerts, which warns you of approaching threats, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road and not on your EX.

User Preferences Programming

You can access the advanced programming features of your Redline by pressing the buttons on your Redline, enabling you to:

  • Sensitivity – City, Highway, Auto, AutoNoX, AutoLoK
  • Ka band segmentation
  • K band segmentation
  • RDR On/Off
  • Display meter options
  • Audible tones
  • Display color
  • Automute – On/Off
  • Voice – On/Off
  • User Mode: Advanced / Novice
  • Pilot: Scanning Bar / Full Word
  • Display Color: Blue/Green/Red/Amber
  • Speed Display: On / Off
  • Cruise Alert: 20 – 160 mph
  • Over Speed: 20 – 160 mph
  • Meter Mode: Standard/Spec/Expert/Simple
  • Tones: Standard / Mild
  • AutoMute: Low / Med / High / Off
  • AutoLearn: On / Off
  • Alert Lamp: On / Band / Off
  • Units: English / Metric
  • Language: English / Spanish
  • Voice: On / Off
  • GPS: On / Off
  • Auto Power: Off / 1-8 Hours
  • Bands: Selectable including Strelka/Multaradar/Gatso
  • Markers: Selectable
  • Clear Locations

Included Accessories

Your Redline comes shipped to your door with everything you need including:

  • NEW - Magnetic-mount quick-detach sticky cup
  • 12-volt power cable with mute and USB port
  • Carrying case

Motorcycle Use and Accessories

When accessorized with the proper motorcycle mount, external warning device, and weather protection, your Redline becomes one of the best choices you can make for your motorcycle.

External Warning Devices: The Redline does have an external earphone jack, which you can plug into your motorcycle sound system. However, we would recommend the Legal Speeding HARD system, which is a wireless heads up display.

Weather Protection: There are several websites that sell “motorcycle detector boxes,” but we don’t recommend them. Instead, go to your local CVS and buy a child’s size shower cap. It’s cheaper and will protect your Escort just as well.

Why Buy from RadarBusters?

Authorized Escort Dealer: RadarBusters has been an authorized dealer for Escort since 1995, so you can be assured that your Escort is covered under Escort’s warranty program and pre-approved for Escort’s 24 month extended warranty program.
Radar Roy
Real Radar Detector Reviews: Unlike the other review websites out there, RadarBusters was founded by Radar Roy, a retired cop and certified traffic radar instructor with over 40 years of experience. Luxury Automotive was so impressed with Roy’s high standards and qualifications that they dubbed him the “General Schwarzkopf" of speed enforcement countermeasures.

No Sales Tax: You will not be charged sales tax as long as your order is shipped outside of Arizona.

No Risk 30-Day money back guarantee: Don’t like your selection ? Return it no questions asked!

Low Price Guarantee: By becoming a member of RadarBusters’s VIP Club you will receive our 90-day price match guarantee, ensuring that you will get the best price anywhere!

RadarBusters Support: Have any problems or concerns with your purchase of this Escort detector? Then email our expert team 24/7 and we will get back with you typically within 12 hours or less! or call us to speak to one our countermeasure experts.

Direct Wire Cord
Price: $19.95

Direct Wire Cord
Smart Cord Live:iPhone/Android with Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
Price: $99.95

Smart Cord Escort Live Radar Detector Interface
Combo Smart Cord
Price: $29.95

Combo Smart Cord
BlendMount Cylindrical Mirror Mount
Price: $98.99

BlendMount Cylindrical Mirror Mount
Direct Wire SmartCord
Price: $29.95

Direct Wire SmartCord
StickyCup Windshield Mount
Price: $29.95

Escort StickyCup Mount
All New SmartCord USB
Price: $34.95

Smart Cord USB
Escort Second Car Kit
Price: $60.00

Escort Second Car Kit
SmartCord Live Direct Wire Cord iPhone/Android Windshield Detectors
Price: $99.95

SmartCord Live Direct Wire Cord for iPhone/Android - Escort Live Interface
VEiL G5 Anti-Laser Stealth Coating
Veil G5.10 Price: $97.95

Laser Veil G5 Stealth Coating

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