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Best Radar Detectors for City Driving

Do you do most of your driving in an urban environment?

While driving in a city environment, an inferior detector will encounter a myriad of devices that will cause constant false alerts because of its poor filtering system.

City Driving

As a result of this, radar detector manufacturers have installed an option on most of their devices that allows you to switch to city mode, which dampens the sensitivity of your radar detector.

The problem with this concept, however, is that with an inferior detector the sensitivity is taken down so low that your radar detector will not alert until you’re within easy target range of an officer!

Therefore, your #1 concern when selecting the best radar detector for you is the filtering capabilities of the detector.

Best Filtering Radar Detectors:

The radar detectors in the best category are equipped with an AutoLearn GPS filtering system.

This means that the detector learns the location of false alerts automatically through its internal GPS, and forever locks these locations out by storing the exact frequency and location of each detector.

The detectors that have this feature include the Passport Max, the Escort 9500ix, and the Passport IQ and the Escort 9500ci.

Another advantage of these GPS enabled detectors is that you will also have access to Escort’s Defender database, enabling your detector to alert you to fix photo radar and red light camera locations.

Better Filtering Radar Detectors:

If you would like to save $50 and you don’t mind manually blocking out the known false alert locations, then the Beltronics Pro 500 would be your detector of choice.

Good Filtering Radar Detectors:

If you have budget constraints, then at least consider a radar detector that I rate in the Good filtering range.

These include the Escort 8500 x50, and the Bel Pro 300.

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Uniden R3 Radar Detector Uniden R7 Front View Uniden R4 Radar Detector
Uniden R3
List Price: $399.99
Price: $399.99
SALE $299.95

Uniden R7
List Price: $649.99

Uniden R7 Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $479.95

Uniden R4
Price: $449.99
Top selling extreme performance GPS detector Highest performance detector with dual antennas and arrows
Top selling extreme performance GPS detector
Uniden R8 Front View Escort Max 360 Escort Max 360c Radar Detector
Uniden R8

Uniden R8 Price:
Escort Max 360
Escort Max 360 Price: $649.95

Escort Max 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $649.95

Highest performance detector with dual antennas and arrows
Escort's first dual antenna fully digital radar detector. Best overall detector with dual antennas & directional arrows
Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Radenso Pro M (RPME) Radar Detector
Escort Redline 360c
Price: $749.95
Escort MaxCam 360c
List Price: $699.95
Price: $849.95
Radenso Pro M
Radenso Pro M Price:

Best overall detector with three antennas & directional arrows Escort's first dashman radar detector featuring dual antennas & directional arrows Smallest extreme performance GPS-enabled detector
Radenso XP Review Cobra RAD 450 Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360
Radenso XP
Radenso XP Price:
Sale Price: $299.99

Cobra RAD 450
List Price: $169.95
Cobra RAD 450 Sale Price $149.95
Cobra DualPro 360
Price: $449.95

Ultra-high performance GPS-enabled detector Cobra RAD 450

Cobra's smallest and least expensive detector made today. A huge seller.
Cobra Dual Pro 360

Extreme performance, dual antenna, directional arrows, GPS photo enforcement.
Cobra Road Scout Escort iXc Radar Detector Escort Max 3
Cobra Road Scout
Price: $449.95
Escort iXc
List Price: $499.95
Price: $449.95

Escort Max 3
Price: $399.95
The Cobra Road Scout is designed with intelligent sensors that monitor and detect road threats combined with a high definition dash cam to capture unexpected moments.
The new Escort IXc adds WIFI connectivity. However, the star of the show isn’t WIFI, the Escort iXc's new M4+ platform adds some serious performance increases over their discontinued Escort iX.
The Escort Max 3 is Escort's most sensitive single antenna radar detector.
Escort Passport 9500ix
Escort Passport 9500ix
Escort Passport 9500ix Price:
Sale Price: $299.95

Escort's GPS-enabled radar detector with red display is back.

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